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Cholera cases alarming

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The cases of cholera in Vubwi District Eastern Province keep on rising, 10 out of 21 cases have been confirmed while the rest have been subjected to more tests.

Zambia recorded first cholera cases on 22nd January 2023.

But World Health Organization (WHO) Country Representative, Nathan Bakyaita says zambia the has a long way to go in meeting the national multi-sectoral cholera elimination by 2025.

Dr Bakyaita says more work needs to be done in order to reduce the burden of the cholera disease in the country.

He says Vubwi District in Eastern which is the current cholera hotspot with 16 cases recorded so far was not one of the cholera hotspots which were recently mapped for cholera vaccination purposes.

WHO has deployed 3 of its officers to Vubwi and is also mobilizing money from its regional office to support the government’s fight against cholera.

Currently, Zambia has to fight two serious diseases Cholera and Coronavirus.


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