Chinese “investors” and workers want Museveni to give them their own District and Province

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President Mseveni

China’s President Xi Jinping with his wife Peng Liyuan

Chinese investors and workers are to start lobbying to have their own district, province or territory in Uganda  which will be semi-autonomous.

A memo leaked on Sina Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging network showed that a number of Chinese workers in Uganda want to have their own district that is semi- autonomous and have been discussing on how to pitch the idea to Museveni.

If their demands are successful and the President grants them their own district, it means they will have their own Mayor, Members of Parliament and even a budget allocated to the district.

This comes after a series of incidents in which the Chinese have completely failed to blend in and live peacefully with the locals, with many Ugandans facing harassment and mistreatment at the hands of Chinese workers.

There have been incidents where some Chinese workers have used racist language and racist behaviour against the native Ugandans.

In neighbouring Kenya, a Chinese investor was deported and told never to return after he said on video that, ” all black people are ugly and stupid.” He was recorded by his Kenyan employee and was immediately forced to leave the country when the video went viral.

Source of the story click here.


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