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Chilufya Tayali accuses UPND of scandlising him

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Chilufya Tayali a critic of opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has accused the party’s machinery of scandalising him.

Chilufya Tayali 2Commenting on this photo, Tayali who during his rape case trial said he always moves with a condom posted the following statement:

Who would believe that my picture here is fake? Yes, this is what UPND is capable of doing to citizens who challenge them on issues. Dare you question anything about this small god of UPND, you are under fire of hell of Satanist.

I have never insulted anyone on social media or in other political discussion, all I do is demand for transparency and accountability from politicians, including HH.

But instead of clarifying issues of tribalism, privatization, political funding and policies, the UPND choose to abuse me physically and verbally. Now they have even gone to an extent of maligning me using edited pictures .

What is wrong in challenging HH on his tribal tendencies?

Don’t I have a right to ask HH how he conducted himself during Privatization of companies since he has come out the richest while many Zambians have gone out with nothing?

What about his external funding from people that want to come and do business in Zambia like his partners the Anglo Americans?

Can’t I ask about UPND policies?

Surely do I deserve this kind of malignment from UPND? Imagine what they would do if they were in power with all Govt machineries at their disposal. I guess the freedoms we are enjoying right now would be gone because they are capable of fabricating evidence like in this picture and jail you for life.

The same thing was done to the picture of The President where they maliciously doctored the picture to malign an innocent lady that she was smoking. This is very disrespectful regardless of who does it.


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