Childish behaviour by politicians inhibiting progress in dialogue process

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Childish behaviour by the current crop of politicians is inhibiting progress in the dialogue process says Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) youth Gerald Chiluba.

Commenting on the resignation of PEP president Sean Tembo as a board member from the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue, Chiluba said resigning from an inter-party platform is an impediment to the efforts which are being put in place to restore the country on its prosperous path of unity and reconciliation.
He said the action by Tembo is regrettable and that it exhibits the self centrednes of politicians who are taking advantage of the weaknesses in the country’s democracy.
‘This Childish behavior especially the one which was exhibited by Comrade Sean Tembo of resigning from an inter- party platform is an impediment to the efforts which are been put in place to restore the country on its prosperous path of unity and reconciliation.
“It is very disappointing that we have people who are self centered and have chosen to take advantage of our Democratic weaknesses to gain political mileage at the expense of our peace and unity. We can’t continue to be abusing wheelbarrows in an attempt to offer checks and balances when there is a proper platform which can be used to generate effective solutions through consensus building,” he said.
And Chiluba said politicians have concertrated on talking about the dialogue process and neglected other important issues affecting the masses.
“It is very sad to note that today we have suddenly began to sing the chorus of dialogue marginalising important issues which have a direct bearing on the lives of people.
“Zambia today is making fictitious headlines with regard the relationship of our political leaders. People out there have been made to think that we have a very serious crisis which is contrary to the status quo.
“since time immemorial Zambians have been known to be a people who do whatever it takes to protect the peace and harmony our nation. Politicians were always known to put the interest of the people they represented ahead of their personal gratification and that’s why they had the sense to cease fire whenever the situation seemed to be robbing our peace,” he said.
Chiluba added that “Today we have people waking up from slumber deciding to form political parties without clear idealogy, every person today wants to be called Mr President. Politicians are talking careless to each other and have declared a cold war amongst themselves.
“Issues which really concern our people are not been given the attention and priority they deserve, when a politician is invited to any radio or TV program to discuss matters of national interest, they end up start talking about Edgar Lungu, Felix Mutati or Hakainde Hichilema.”

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