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Cheating and Relationships

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Mutale Mwaba

By Mwaba Mutale

Do you know the Major killer of relationships? I will tell you, this morning I will say it as it is and listen good. It’s things like an inflated ego, selfishness, lies, greed, inability to share and lacking honesty and respect for your other half and above all, the number one killer of relationships is ‘Third party ticks and flies and side chicks’…whom you allow to come close to your relationship. That’s the final nail in the coffin, once others get involved in it…

Once a man or woman learns how to deal natu kolwe twamu mbali, he saves his marriage/relationship…

See once you decide to commit, that’s it. You are saying yes to one person and no to the world. No to those funny ex’s, no to the anonymous cousins that only you know about, no to those who will suddenly want to be nicer to you the minute they hear you in a new relationship, no to everyone you ever slept with, nangu balilowa shani. In fact if you think they are sweet, why didn’t you go for the sweeter one? You chose your boy/girlfriend, wife/husband because to you that is the best there is.. you chose your partner because to you it’s beyond sexual attraction tefyo? So now why would you go back to what you left? Why would you go back to your vomit?

Understand this clearly this morning and you will save your marriage or relationship: LOVE IS BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE, ANYTHING ELSE COMES FROM THE DEVIL AND ONLY ENDS IN DISASTER….

This morning make a choice, stay faithful to one person and save your relationship or marriage or decide to entertain other clowns inbox or on what’sapp or at work or wherever you meet and loose what you have. You might loose it there and then but trust me the count down has begun. And trust me, You are no exception ONE DAY YOU WILL BE CAUGHT AND EXPOSED. Olo niwebo James Bond washani you can’t hide infidelity forever. YOU WILL BE CAUGHT PANTS DOWN MUNTU WANDI, ALA UKAMONEKELA, TATA MUKASEBANA!!!!

And even if you are not caught, what’s the benefit fooling somebody who cares for you? What’s the benefit looking at somebody in the face even smiling at them and professing love while on whatsapp you just sent a picture of your dick or pussy to somebody else? What benefit do you get in deception and treating others who care so much for you like fools?

This morning think twice muntu wandi. Just like every nation that is serious and well developed has tight immigration rules against foreigners, so too are all serious relationships guarded from other people outside the relationship. I mean look at the immigration rules in Malawi or DR Congo and compare with the United States. I mean today it’s possible to get up and even without my NRC I will find myself in Congo or Malawi by 15 hours if I wanted to. They have very little to protect. But ask anyone whose ever tried to get or gotten an American Visa how hard it is to get that little precious document. I can bet you 15 hours will find me on the queue or at the Internet café filling in application forms. Simply means they have the American dream to protect and they won’t just allow any riff-raff to sneak into the United States of America. Na Trump uyu wishileko katwishi ?????

Be a Donald Trump of your relationship. Be a bully, let it be made clear that my relationship is a no go area, uyandi teyakupenenako, this relationship is not a place to play from for any Jim and Jack uku nyelako amasushi . If you want to play, go play elsewhere, not pano! Make that very clear and I promise you, I can hundred percent promise you, ba pushi and all the starving plotting bandits will leave you alone.

Balunshi bangalila pa mafi. If you are weak, smiling at any useless thing, busy entertaining tuma other girls inbox, busy flirting on whataspp, your relationship is over even before it starts.

That would also imply keeping your relationship off social media. See a relationship is started, grown and even ended between two people. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHY YOU SHOULD INVITE THE WORLD TO INTERFERE BY THROWING IT OUT ON FACEBOOK.

Facebook to some extent exposes you to risk, it violates to sacredness of a relationship. A relationship is like kukati (master bedroom of the parents). What happens in it, good or bad must stay there. The minute you start writing about staff online, not just the bad staff, even the good staff, you killing your own relationship! Actually you not killing it, you murdering it, and with your own hands too…..

Don’t assume everyone is happy for you just because we liked your status about you having a nice time and chilling with bae. other people have got twisted and wired personalities. In their minds why should you have what they can’t have? Why you and not me? Ala muntu wandi Be very careful with humanity, it killed even it’s own savior, a man as kind and sinless as Jesus, what more you? Do you think they will spare you…???

So this morning, my exaltation is that you Jealously guard and protect what you have. A bird in the hand is worth far more than even 10,000 in the bush..

Love the one you are with. If you not happy or satisfied, then simply need to fool people. But if you leave, just like John Chiti sang, “Ngoleya wisaleko ne chibi”, when you leave, please shut the door, but when you go, please please please, never ever, ever come back…

Pishamo Pen….


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