Cheating and governance, the PF case

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By Canisius Banda

The Chronology of Deception; and The Drama of Folly and Shame]: Zambia will have a people-driven Republican Constitution in 90 days of the PF assuming power and it shall be enacted through a referendum [The PF Manifesto, today and before 2011]; We will enact a new people-driven Republican Constitution within 90 days [President Michael Sata, National Assembly, 2011];

Zambia does not need a new Republican Constitution; We already have one [President Sata, Mansa, 2013]; Any citizen talking about a new Republican Constitution should be ignored [President Sata, State House, 2014]; President Sata and the PF have lied to the people of Zambia on the Republican Constitution and will pay for this [Catholic Church, 2014]; Catholic Church in Zambia notifies the Pope at the Vatican over threats by President Sata to a bishop of unspecified consequences for campaigning for a new Republican Constitution [Catholic Church, April 2014];

Zambia will need K15 million to enact the new Republican Constitution as citizens demand and the legal process alone will take not less than 15 months; a process that cannot be completed before 2016; Cooperating Partners warned to show similar commitment to Zambia’s development programs as they are showing towards the enactment of the new Republican Constitution [Wynter Kabimba, Choma, 5 April 2014];

President Sata blames the West [Read Cooperating Partners] for Africa’s [Read Zambia’s] problems [President Sata, Belgium, April 2014]; The drama continues! I am sure that your mind boggles. Mr Kabimba has drawn a line between our Republican Constitution and national development. Are the two not related? Are the two different as our Justice Minister Mr Kabimba thinks? Shouldn’t this learned man, an attorney-at-law, know better?

About the Author: Dr. Canisius Banda is a medical doctor by profession and now a politician serving as Vice president for Politics for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND)


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