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Cheapest places to buy property in Zambia

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Global property portal Lamudi looks at the cheapest cities to invest in property in Zambia

The real estate industry in Zambia is booming as more people are beginning to see value in property as a long term investment. Although the cost of living tends to be on the expensive side in large cities like Lusaka, there are certain places around the country that offer an affordable lifestyle, including for real estate.

Global property portal Lamudi has compiled a guide to some of the cheapest places in Zambia to buy property.

Chipata, Eastern Province
Chipata is the capital city of the Eastern Province. It is also considered the business hub of the area. Land in Chipata is cheap because most of it is customary, or traditional, land. More and more people are buying land and building houses in this area for both personal and commercial purposes.

Livingstone, Southern Province
Livingstone has both customary and statutory land ownership. Buying land and renting property is cheaper especially when compared to other cities of its size. More property developments are taking place in Livingstone to cater for both residential as well as commercial purposes. This includes the construction of lodges and hotels to meet the high demand of tourists looking to explore the natural resources of the area such as the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls.

Chingola, Copperbelt Province
Despite the area hosting one of the major mines in Zambia, the cost of living in Chingola is still affordable largely due to the fact that it is undergoing development in terms of schools, road networks, health facilities, and many other amenities. For this reason, the cost of land and property in general is very cheap.

Solwezi, North-Western Province
Solwezi is also a developing town which offers a low cost of living. Apart from mining activities, there are no other major activities taking place there. However, it is one of the towns in the country where property, as well as both state and customary land, remains affordable.

Chongwe district, Lusaka Province
The best time to invest in property in Chongwe is now as it is an upcoming area undergoing a lot of development. Most of the land in Chongwe is traditional land which makes it affordable for even those with a very low income. Because of the district’s convenient location to the country’s capital city Lusaka which is about 45km away, some people prefer to purchase property in Chongwe as it is more affordable to live there and commute to and from Lusaka city.

Kasama, Northern Province
Kasama also has both state-owned and customary land. It is a small town with an elevation of about 1400m. There are no major developmental activities going on in this town at the moment but it has a few shopping malls, banking services, and one general hospital providing health services to the small population. Nevertheless, the town still holds a lot of promise, especially in real estate, as it is expected that the government will deliver on its plans to develop the town’s infrastructure, health facilities, education and many other facilities.


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