Charity K. Banda – A portrait of a developmental agenda for women

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By Twaambo Kantengwe

Society is a collective thought of divergent views. No man chooses to align himself to a cause different from his.

Any article that brings out any negatives on Charity Banda’s candidature is a demonstration of a non failure to grasp what democracy is all about. Charity Banda is aware that any alignment means compromise.

Other candidates kick-started their campaigns way ahead of time as such one has to study the dynamics of the ground before soliciting for any alliance. This has been a smart move on Charity’s part.

All merchants of chaos must wait for the D-day to understand what losing is. Charity Banda will not be swayed by propaganda but the opposite truth is that the one who claims to be better should prove to be issue based.

The era of violence is gone and no one can amass votes by bringing to the table a CV that is birthed on violence but one that promises a verifiable developmental agenda. Life is dynamic and as such you can’t use archaic solutions to everyday changes.

That’s why Charity Banda is saying bickering and hate speeches will sink us further as a people, a party and a country.


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