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Chakwera vows to answer questions in parliament, reduce presidential powers, declare assets yearly

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New era for Malawi indeed!

Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera has said he will be submitting himself to “constitutional processes” including attending the presidential question time in parliament, setting the tone of new way of doing things in the next five years of governance.

The laws state that a President should go to parliament to answer the questions from lawmakers.

“Today, I too promise to give this country my best and do my best for you as your servant. More importantly, I promise to set a good example of submitting myself to the constitutional processes, provisions, and institutions that are designed to ensure that the President and Vice President are always at their best.

“This means that as required by law, I will make a full declaration of my assets each year; I will go to Parliament to be questioned by the People about my handling of state affairs; I will propose legislation to reduce the powers of the presidency and empower institutions to operate independently, including Parliament and the Anti-Corruption Bureau;

“I will meet with the Leader of Opposition personally every three months to listen to alternative ways of running government affairs; and I will operationalize the Access to Information Act in order to end the era of government secrecy and usher in the dawn of government accountability,” he said.

Speaking during his inauguration ceremony today, Chakwera said he will seek to be at his best through various measures, calling the nation to count on him and he challenged members of his administration to be at their best as well.

“I will challenge the leadership of the judiciary to do more to root out the culture of corruption and selective justice that has shipwrecked too many of our lowest courts. I will challenge those who sit in Parliament to act professionally, put away childish ways, and repeal and replace the bad laws that remain on our books,” he added.


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