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Chabinga’s leader of Opposition appointment acknowledged

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In a riveting twist within Zambia’s political landscape, the Parliament grapples with a seismic upheaval following the acknowledgment of Robert Chabinga as the leader of the opposition, dealing a devastating blow to the Edgar Lungu-led faction in the tumultuous battle for the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

The recent installment of Mafinga Constituency’s Robert Chabinga as the opposition leader comes amidst the aftermath of a prompt and contentious extraordinary general conference where Miles Sampa secured the presidency of the PF.

Sampa, subsequently appointing Morgan Ng’ona as Secretary General, catalyzed a cascade of political ramifications by nominating Chabinga to replace PF’s Brian Mundubile as the leader of the opposition in Parliament.

Brian Mundubile, ousted from his position, swiftly addressed the Clerk of the National Assembly, Ray Ngulube, seeking clarity and redress on the matter.

In response, Ngulube clarified the constitutional provisions regarding the appointment of the Leader of the Opposition, highlighting that it’s an internal affair of the concerned political party.

Ngulube further emphasized the traditional protocol of the National Assembly being notified by the party’s Secretary-General regarding the appointment, affirming receipt of a letter from PF’s Secretary-General, Morgan Ng’ona, announcing Chabinga’s appointment as the opposition leader.

Ngulube assured Mundubile that the National Assembly would communicate the next steps following Chabinga’s appointment.

The political saga in Zambia continues to unfold, shrouded in controversy and internal strife within the PF, as the battle for key leadership positions reverberates throughout the political landscape, shaping the future course of the opposition in Parliament. Reporting by Ollus Ndomu

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