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Centre of Online and Distance Education (CODE) awards fellowship to Dr Oscar Mwaanga

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University of London Centre of Online and Distance Education (CODE) is delighted to announce the nomination of Dr Oscar Mwaanga (Assoc. Professor) to it its prestigious fellowship.

A high-level CODE panel securitised several applicants and decided to recommend the 2022 nomination to Dr Mwaanga.

He becomes the first Zambian to achieve this incredible milestone which recognises Dr Mwaanga’s work in sports education having led the setting up of the first-ever online and distance education post-graduate course in sports management at the University of London Worldwide.

Previously, Dr Mwaanga set up the first-ever Master’s degree in sports development and management at Solent University (UK).

CODE has also nominated him in recognition of his leadership in curriculum decolonisation work at the University of London.

Dr Mwaanga is also founder of the Zambian Institute of Sports (ZIS) whose mission is to professionalise Zambian sports by enabling sports practitioners to acquire world-class and nationally relevant professional sports education and accreditation.

The University of London Centre of Online and Distance Education (CODE) congratulates him on his nomination, and we look forward to seeing even more great things from him in the future!

Dr Mwaanga joins a team of world leading online distance learning experts at the UoL Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE).

CODE is a University of London initiative to support the development of expertise and innovation in the field of online and distance education through research, training, capacity building, and strategy and policy development.

UoL has been associated with, and a pioneer of, every stage of the development of distance education, from the correspondence schools of the 19th century to today’s online learning practices – always in service to widening access to their programmes.

CODE serves as an important resource for 17 member institutions within UOL as well as over 50, 000 distance learning external students located in over 180 countries around the world.

Dr Mwaanga is an inspirational role model and remarkable individual with many accomplishments.

One such accomplishment is his fellowship with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

The RSA is committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges, and Dr Mwaanga’s work in sports for development has been recognised and applauded by them.

His work has led to the founding of Education through Movement (EduMove) Limited (UK) and Education through Sport (EduSport) Foundation (Zambia), which are both dedicated to helping people through the power of sport.

Dr Mwaanga’s dedication to helping others is truly admirable, and he continues to make a difference in the world’s day to day sports activities.

Dr Mwaanga’s recent research and advocacy work is focused on two important areas: decolonising online and distance learning curricula and pedagogies, and promoting Physically Active Education (PAE) as an innovative pedagogy for cross-curriculum teaching of school subjects through movement games and activities.

He believes that these two areas are vital for the promotion of social justice in education, as they both aim to challenge the hegemony of western pedagogies while also increasing physical activity in children, which has myriad health benefits.

Through his research and advocacy work, Dr Mwaanga aims to make a meaningful impact on education systems in Africa and around the world.


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