Central Province MPs told to stop fighting over plots and toilets

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A Kabwe resident, Prince Ndoyi, has expressed disappointment at the conduct of the entire political leadership in Central province.

Reacting to recent media reports that lawmakers from the province were involved in a punch up at Government House during a meeting with the Vice President, Inonge Wina, an incensed Ndoyi says it is disappointing to note that the political leaders in the province are more concerned about their business interests than the well being of the people in the area.
In an interview, the youthful politician says the political narrative is uninspiring and disappointing as the leaders in the area appear to have no interest serving the people who put them in their positions.
Ndoyi says the province is endowed with plenty of natural resources which should be harnessed to better the lives of the people as opposed to what the leaders have been preoccupied with.
He adds it was even more disheartening to note that the young leadership in the provincial capital are equally in petty fights as can be noted from squabbles over land and bus stations.
In an apparent reference to recent reports of verbal fights between Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe and Kabwe Central MP Tutwe Ngulube, Ndoyi who is a former Union leader at Mulungushi University and a resident of High Ridge residential area in Kabwe said Central Province has a number of manufacturing industries such as Kapiri Glass and Mulungushi  textiles which are lying as ‘white elephants’ yet leaders are jostling over plots, bus stations and toilets.
He calls on the political leadership in the province  to emulate their colleagues from Luapula who have joined hands to push for a common agenda of their province.
He has since advised the political leadership to identify priority economic areas which can be used to create employment and uplift the lives of the people in the province seeing that there high levels of youth unemployment in the province.

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