Cattle Kings of Namwala

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A Namwala Farmer says he sold 600 Cattle to make K2 million as his pension.

Zambia Daily Mail reports that Bernard Mwiya who only went up to Grade 7, but he now boasts he could send his children to London for school if he wanted to because of the wealth he has accumulated in cattle.

Namwala is a District in Southern province. It is about 300Kms South West of Lusaka the capital of Zambia.

Information obtained by the Zambia Daily Mail from the veterinary department, the district has a cattle population of around 140,000.

And Mwiya based in an area called Maala is one of the big ranchers supplying hundreds of animals every year to Zambeef and Star Beef that end up as beef on dinner plates of many homes in the urban areas.

About two years ago, Mwiya sold 600 animals at a go just to, as he puts it, “to give myself a pension.’

He earned about K2 million from that sale and spent it on houses and vehicles.

Full story here courtesy of Zambia Daily Mail


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