Casualisation at Mulungushi International Conference Centre exposed

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Most of the Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC) staff are still working on temporal or contractual basis commonly referred to as Casualisation. 

MICC, a state-owned entity, has about 80% of the workforce engaged on casual basis despite government warning employers against casualization.

According to a reliable source within the institution, it has been revealed that the 80% workforce employed as casual workers are only called when there is a pile up of work.

Some  of the workers have explained to a local radio station that while their contracts are for six months only, some of them have been working longer than the required period.

The affected workers who spoke on condition of anonymity  have also disclosed that the facility has the poorest conditions of service especially for casual workers who are paid k5 per hour while others get k50 per day.

And when contacted for a comment, Labour commissioner Chanda Kaziya said such an arrangement can only be allowed if it does not exceed a period of six months.Kazhiya said he can for now just advise the affected workers to report the matter to the labour office, stating that his office faces challenges to act on such cases because the affected people take time to report the matter.

In the recent past , Labour and Social Security Minister, Joyce Nonde Simukoko has made impromptu visits at private and foreign owned entities in order to ascertain the contract agreement between employees and their employers. Few weeks ago, Simukoko urged all labourers and employees to report any wrongdoing on part of the employer to the labour commissioner.

However this being a government run institution, it is yet to be seen whose obligation is it to make amends and adhere to the available labour legislation.


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Start: 2019-07-01 End: 2019-07-31