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CastleBet App tipped to shake up Zambia’s sports betting craze!

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By Isaac Phiri, Sports Betting Correspondent.

FOOTBALL BETTING feels like the new Zambian craze of 2019 – but now Zambian online betting provider CastleBET is threatening to disrupt the Zambian betting market once again thanks to the launch of its ultra-fast new App: Castlebet LITE.

The new LITE App from Lusaka-based provider Castlebet offers football fans and bettors a string of aggressive bonuses – including MONEY BACK bonus as standard.

The app download has raced to the top of the most downloaded Apps of May 2019 charts.

Readers can download the app for themselves by simply clicking HERE. The company also offers a string of other tempting offers including odds boost bonus of up to 100% on tickets with multiple selection and no-strings-attached 10 Free Bet welcome package for new clients as a welcome gift.

Betting enthusiasts just need to log onto or visit to sign up and download the new platform in less than 20 seconds.

Castlebet’s new MONEY-BACK promo means Zambian Castlebet players will no longer face the nightmare of just 1 missed game spoiling their long ticket without getting a single Ngwee refund in return.

Zambian sports betting customers came to expect the money-back promotion as standard after it was introduced across betting outlets in Downtown and town centre.

But so far online companies – particularly those entering the Zambian market – have held back from providing the online concession.

Betting industry insiders say the new Castlebet Zambia android App is also stirring up trouble amongst competitors by offering all new customers 10 free bets on the new App – before customers have even made a single deposit. One betting industry executive revealed:

“Giving away free bets like this is going too far and unfair tactics by Castlebet. All betting companies in Zambia should be given a chance to survive. How can we sell tickets when Castlebet is giving away bets for free? “Castlebet has foreign investors but is being managed by a team of local Zambian ladies and they are not following the normal rules for this business. They are disrupting everything.”

Sports betting fan Arron Ngosa, 28, from Kaunda Square, Lusaka revealed:

“Online betting from the phone has become really popular but in the compounds people I know have switched to Castlebet now.

“The issue is some of these stingy foreign betting companies don’t even offer MONEY BACK which means your whole ticket is worthless even if you get 19 out of 20 games correct. Guys I know are fed up and want a change and to be treated fairly.”

The new Castlebet Lite App has also been attracting fierce interest amongs sports betting fans because it opens instantly on almost any phone – including cheaper Chinese handsets running only on the Opera Mini browser.

Fans also report that site saves users data by chewing up bundles less quickly. Castlebet Zambia marketing supremo Magret Kambikambi explained:

“We designed Castlebet Lite especially for the Zambian market really over the last 12 months.

“After last year’s World Cup we sat down with our longest standing Zambian customers in Lusaka and the Copperbelt and asked our customers what features they would want included if they could design their perfect sports betting product.

“Castlebet LITE is the result. Customers asked us for MONEY BACK bonus, they asked us for an app that opened very fast on any phone, and they asked for a product that did not chew up their data bundles during the process of placing a football bet – which should be really simple.

Castlebet was originally set up in United Kingdom (UK) in 2001 by British entrepreneur Harry Macadam, but it was only in 2013 that the company embraced the African continent.

It grew rapidly in 2018 after customers flocked to the European-style platform – hosted at in the run up to the 2018 World Cup and the company’s aggressive marketing push on electronic billboards and radio advertising.

In the aftermath of Castlebet’s World Cup success, a string of copycat companies from across Africa rushed to flood the Zambian online sports betting market in a bid to emulate Castlebet’s rapid growth.


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