Casino Gambling in Zambia: What has changed in recent years?

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When looking into the history of gambling in South Africa, there has been a vast amount of change within the last 10 years. With many laws being changed and licences being obtained, the future of the industry is looking bright. In this article, we will be looking at the current state of gambling in Zambia and how it has changed in the last decade.

The Growth On A Global Scale

When looking at the growth of the Gambling market on a global scale, there is no denying that there has been an unprecedented amount of growth. Whether it be through online casinos or brick and mortar casinos, there is plenty that is set to change as more and more begin to witness growth on a global scale. However, with many locations still banning the use of online casinos and other forms of gambling, the industry has a long way to go.

The Consumer Based Market  

However, the industry has seen a vast amount of growth in Zambia with customers of younger age groups looking more and more into online gambling as a result. As more and more people 18 or over continue to use online gambling, there have been several online casinos that have begun operations within Zambia. This has not only helped the industry to grow, but it has brought on a new wave of legislative measures for the government to ensure that everything is fair and just. This is very similar to that of the UK, that sees regulations not only on gambling within Casinos but also in the national lottery.

This growing popularity amongst young people is beneficial for not only the gambling industry but also the Zambian economy. This is because the gambling industry brings in a total of $75.5 billion across South African Nations. This is a vast amount of revenue that comes from this industry alone and is likely to see the online gambling industry likely break the $100 billion barriers before the end of 2020. This is set to not only benefit the economy in this region, but it is set to completely change the annual revenue that is made on a global scale.

The Zambian Casino Act

At the heart of the growing industry in Zambia is the 1992 Zambian Casino Act this enabled licenses for establishments to offer gambling services. This has revolutionised licensing within the country and has allowed for businesses to receive a license temporarily should they need to. However, only hotels can apply for a licence such as this and this will need to be updated every five years. For those that have applied for a casino license, it is important to provide adequate surveillance footage and sanitation. This will ensure that proper control and monitoring the preferences. This will also ensure that you are eligible for the business and can help to make the right amount of time and money.

The Number Of Online Casinos

Though there are only 10 brick and mortar casinos in Zambia, there is very little legislation surrounding the number of online casinos that people can use. With several international casinos as well as those operating within the country, this is set to increase in 2020 as more and more popular casino games become widely available. This is set to revolutionise the industry as well as see the growth of online gambling in the country, whether it is sporting events or poker games, there will be much more available.

With this in mind, several changes are being made to the industry that is set to see a vast amount of revenue being generated across the globe. But will this continue as we head through 2020, particularly in these uncertain times?


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