Carcasses of 70 animals seized from Macha farmer to be auctioned

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The Choma Magistrate Court has ordered for the auction of the Carcasses of over 70 animals that were seized from a farmer and killed in Macha area on Saturday.

This follows an application to the court by the Choma Veterinary Office.

A notice of Sheriff’s Sale by Public Auction obtained by Zambian Eye reveals that the carcasses will be auctioned tomorrow at Choma Halaal Abattoir in Mbabala area.

The notice lists 32 Cattle, 12 Sheep and 28 Goats as animals that will be sold to the public from Kembe Siantimbe.

According to Siantumbe, the animals were seized as he was trekking them from Pemba to Mumbwa where his family has recently relocated.

He has described the slaughter of his animals as a death penalty saying his entire family and the education of his children depended on them.

The slaughter of the animals has been received with mixed emotion from a cross section of society with argument torn between the law and whether officers should have sought other alternatives.

However it is not known if the proceeds from the auction will be given to the owner of the animals.


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