Canisius Banda is a finished political liability – UPND

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Canisius Banda

After months of ignoring him the UPND has finally hit back at its former Vice President for Politics Canisius Banda, calling him a political liability who is of no use to any meaningful political party.

In his latest scathing attack on his former boss Hakainde Hichilema, Dr Banda called the UPND head honcho “treacherous”. He claimed Hichilema, has deceived many people in his political career including him.

But it appears the country’s main opposition party has had enough of Dr Banda’s rantings and have decided to take him on.

“It has become apparent that Canicius Banda is irrelevant to the Patriotic Front family needs,” said UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka in a statement on Monday.

“Banda is a man whose political services are no longer attractive to any meaningful political party.

“His hallucinations that the United Party for National Development (UPND) should stop ethnic centered politics simply demonstrates how empty minded he is in reading Zambia’s political atmosphere,” said Mucheleka in response to Dr Banda’s claims that the UPND practices ethnic centered politics.

On Dr Banda’ claims that the UPNF is now mortally wounded without him, Mucheleka said: “Even a pre-school pupil understands that PF is corrupt and that all the defections are staged managed using tax payers money.

“A noble politician can see that the poor Zambians who have been subjected to hunger by selfish politicians like Canicius Banda are not seeing the reason for defecting because the PF is panicking over its popularity.

“Edgar Lungu and the PF have exhausted all their lies and are now taking advantage of the poverty stricken Zambians.

“PF will be documented for having popularized corruption.”

He mocked Dr Banda’s perceived dire financial situation, saying it is the motivation behind his continued attacks on HH and the UPND.

“Individuals like Banda have failed to fit in the scramble for corruption because they have failed to race with more corrupt PF counterparts.

“Banda should not make himself cheap by insulting other people for him to buy a loaf of bread.”

Mucheleka believes Zambians are fatigued by the PF failures and cannot wait to go for general elections.

“The daily insults the UPND is receiving from the likes of Banda and PF minions demonstrates anger and bitterness arising from embarrassment of failing to address poverty.

“Banda should stop competing with hired PF Vuvuzelas who are failing to sleep due to Lungu’s failure to run the economy.

“We urge Banda to continue paying for his treachery. He is just broke. Let him collect hand outs with integrity.”


3 Responses to Canisius Banda is a finished political liability – UPND

  1. I posted previously and post even now that the young man Canicious doesn’t mean well. Why are you so bitter young man? You have become an unbridled tongue and for what???? Banda since you continue to exhibit your talent or gift in oration, spend that ability in the lecture theater and the nation will benefit more than you are doing now. If you want to correct, advise or what ever Hakainde you Banda know the layers fixed abode, you know his private mobile number, link up with your brother. He will not eat you. That is what witted persons do. But for you Canicious all I can say is that you are a complete embarrassment and disappoint not only to your house holders but to people like me who see through things clearly. Change Canicious and for once exhibit behavior of a learned doctor. currently you project yourself as a nitwit. I rest my thoughts…..

    The Watchman
    August 14, 2018 at 4:42 pm

  2. Keep it coming Banda. UPND has become self serving and stupid. Look at the people they pick to run for office. They dumped Banda after all his contributions for political expediency – to pick up GBM for tribal optics. Meanwhile, GBM has done very little for them in terms of promoting a message and strategy.
    Similarly, the entire party under HH’s rule has lost all purpose and is clearly run by an autocrat who is only interested in his way and as a result, surrounds himself with only those who agree with his view.
    Keep up the criticism – UPND needs to understand how self destructive it has become.

    August 16, 2018 at 6:38 am

  3. Mucheleka, like Katuka and many other UPND sycophants continue to live in denial. They can’t acknowledge that UPND is in free fall. It is losing its base and right now will remain with the Southern Province only. The truth of the matter is that there are serious problems in UPND and insulting those exposing your shortcomings is not a solution to your problems. What have Mucheleka and GBM added to the UPND – zero.

    August 16, 2018 at 10:07 am

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