Can the 30 days to prepare for polls be enough?

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By Francis Hamwiinga Malambo

As at 2016 elections there were 6,698,372 registered voters.

These were broken down as follows, (3,372,935 women, 3,325,437 men) that were eligible to vote in the Presidential, Mayoral, National Assembly, and Councilor elections.


Approximately 7,000,000 voters in 7,000 polling stations
Approximately 1,000 voters per polling station on average.

If each polling station registers 4 voters per hour = 8 hours x 4 = 32 voters per day.

This means that on average each polling station registers 32 voters per day minimum.

In 30 days = 32×30 = 960 voters registered in a polling station for the period ECZ is allocating.

Total voters expected to be registered therefore is 960 x 7,000 = 6,720,000

But because of growth and people attaining age of voting since 2016, the number is expected to rise to 9,000,000

Our calculation estimate therefore is lower by 2,280,000

(So how does ECZ cover this deficit up, Increase polling stations to 8,000 or so? Hmmm)

This scenario is attainable assuming that all parameters are equal i.e.

Well trained registering staff (Not these party cadres employed for the sake of)

All electronic systems working properly (Effective seamless backup systems in times of down time – Load shedding etc)

No political bias or interference from those in authority

No underhand methods of any kind in terms of preference etc

With this in mind, can the 30 days really suffice?


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