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Can election be rigged in Zambia?

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VJ Mwaanga

VJ Mwaanga

John Kaluba writes:

I have been listening to some UPND members, who are claiming that the ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) is intending to rig this year’s elections by printing ballot papers in Dubai. They claim that these ballot papers will already by marked. Can the intelligent UPND cadres explain to me how and at which stage the elections will be rigged?
The elections at every polling station are handled as below:
1) Before voting begins, every representative of a political party (UPND) is present and they make sure that the ballot boxes (which are clear) are empty.
2) Every representative (UPND) is given a register which contains the names of all the people who are supposed to vote at that particular polling station.
3) When a voter comes in, the name is shouted and the representatives of various political parties are able to tick in their registers that the person has voted.
4) When voting ends, the representatives are supposed to be there during the vote counting process. If a person disagrees with the total number of votes cast they can still go back to their register and verify.
Now at which stage will the elections be rigged? Remember that Sata used to accuse ECZ of stealing his votes but after he won in 2011 the same people he was accusing still continued working for ECZ. Why did he not have them prosecuted? Ask yourself.


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