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Call boys still reign

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Call Boys in the Zambian capital Lusaka are still powerful and seem to have grown in number since the Patriotic Front [PF] Government took over power from the Movement for Multiparty Democracy [MMD].

The Zambian Eye carried out a survey at various bus stations in the city and discovered that more depots have been created by the call boys who are also known as Ngwangwazi.
The city now has call boys at every bus stop who demand almost half the money which the people who get on the bus from that point will pay.

Our staffer Sylvia Bwalya got on a minibus which was going to Kalundu where she saw the call Boys demand for the bus fare of five people on the bus. She also went to Garden House where she witnessed an event where a call boy got in to a fight with a bus conductor because he refused to give him the money for picking up people at a bus stop.

Minibus drivers complained to the Zambian Eye that it was unfair for them to pay people who just sat on the roadside morning to sunset. They pleaded with the Government to quickly intervene in the matter and save them from the call Boys.

It seems the Government has failed to control the Call Boys despite promising to rid the country of such nuisance once in power.
The same Government has also not created the Jobs that it promised to bring to the people hence people are still unemployed and still have to earn a living.

This however does not give them a reason to grab money from Minibusdrivers and conductors.


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