Buying of luxury jets while the majority are suffering is criminal – Msoni

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APC leader Nason Msoni has described the purchase of the executive private jet by government when people can not access quality medical care as proof of the moral bankruptcy of the leaders running government.

Msoni says it is not surprising to see the leadership in government spend colossal sums of money on an executive private jet because they are motivated by grand corruption and misuse of public resources.

He said it is extremely criminal and injurious to the citizens for leaders to use such huge sums of money on things that doesn’t uplift their livelihood.

“The reckless purchase of executive private Jets speaks to the moral bankruptcy and redundant of thought of leadership eclipsed with a self-serving political ambition.

“But this is what is to be expected of any rogue morally redundant leadership of any nation motivated by grand corruption and misuse of public resources.

“It is absolutely criminal and injurious behaviour against the poorest citizens of our country who can’t reasonably even access quality medical care because hospitals don’t have the vital life serving equipment and medicines to treat their medical conditions,” he said.

He called on citizens to denounce what he termed as unbecoming behavior of the people in charge of the the country’s resources.

“This is one of the Gulfstream G650 for the Zambia Air Force shown parked at Basel, Switzerland. This Gulfstream G650 is a twin-engine business jet aeroplane produced by Gulfstream Aerospace. This model of Gulfstream costs US$68.15 million a unit.

“No one believes that ZAF acted at their own volition without the express permission of the authority and went on a jet buying spree abroad. We are fully aware that more private Jets are to be delivered to be used by the office of President.

“It is our collective duty as citizens to denounce this appalling and disgusting unbecoming behaviour of extravagance and abuse of public resources by PF leaders,” he said.


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