Blue Band and Mazoe safe for human consumption – MoH

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The much talked about Blue Band Spread and the imported Mazoe drink are fit for human consumption, the Ministry of Health has assured Zambians.

Recently, a video showing an unidentified woman demonstrating that Blue Band Spread does not melt in boiling water went viral on social media, triggering an investigation by the authorities.

However, the Ministry of Health says results from samples taken from both products indicated that key parameters complied with the relevant statutory requirements.

“First of all, we would like to inform the public that the results from the samples of imported Mazoe drink analysed, indicated that key parameters complied with the relevant statutory requirements, making it fit for human consumption. There was also a concern on Blue Band Spread; the preliminary results on key features assessed so far complied with the applicable statutory standards. This, therefore, means that both products are fit for human consumption and the public should not panic,” Ministry of Health Head of Public Relations Stanslous Ngosa said in a statement.

And Ngosa said the ministry is working hard to put up measures of ensuring that food is handled safely and added that to achieve that, more field and laboratory staff responsible for food safety will be handled.


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