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Black Friday Campaigners message to PF govt

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The Black Friday Campaigners do hereby appeal to the Patriotic Front (PF) members and leaders to reflect individually and collectively on the evil practices that their cadres are perpetrating.

This period, during the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a wonderful opportunity to introspect. If truly the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata and the PF generally are governing Zambia based on the ten (10) Commandments of the Bible the period of Good Friday through to Easter and beyond should be used to reflect on the many suffering they have inflicted and continue to do so through many acts they have made among them: the removal of maize and fuel subsides – which has escalated the cost of living, the dismissal of nurses and conditional reinstatement of some of them, the threats and intimidation (ordinary citizens, chiefs, Members of Parliament including the clergy have not been spared) and the beating up and attempts to assassinate those with divergent views, the deliberate over borrowing with intent to slide Zambia into a debt trap knowing very well that they will not be there to pay back, hiding and refusal to release of the People Driven Constitution.

Under the PF Government the rule of law has degenerated. It is clearly the rule of men in this regime as things stand. Anyone that has divergent view from a certain few and click of Zambians is viewed as an enemy and must be sorted out and dealt with by the cadres that have allegedly full backing and sponsorship form the top. It is questionable why and how the Police find it so hard to deal with these cadres.

The period of Easter should actually draw the entire PF to reflect on the lies and conflicting statements they have given to the Zambians with regards the Constitution which is Zambia’s non-negotiable and best gift for the Golden Jubilee Independence Anniversary.

The Black Friday Campaigners would like to urge all Zambians to remain steadfast and resolute and guard against the evil that is speedily finding root in the country.

As the Black Friday Campaigners we are of the considered view that every Zambian has a duty and obligation to stop this rot and stop it now. As we demand for our people driven constitution which gives us the greatest opportunity to a clearly defined destiny of the nation and dignified lives we must refuse to be intimidated a few excited individuals. If anyone thinks that they are immune from this rot and does nothing to stop it, remember it was civil society and the church in BIGOCCA, the opposition political parties, Bishops, themselves within PF some of whom were slain, civil servants, and the next will be you and your family in your home.

PF leadership do a comprehensive introspection if you are to win back the confidence of the Zambians by 2016 or else. Zambians this is our only country let us together stand up and stop this rot and evil. After all we are 13 million and they are only a few.

Guess Nyirenda
Interim Spokesperson-Black Friday Campaign


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