Biti was deported because there’s no breakdown in law and order in Zimbabwe – Dora

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Dora Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says Zambia denied MDC leader Tendai Biti asylum because there is no breakdown of law and order in Zimbabwe.

But the Human Rights Watch says Zambia may be dragged to international courts for breaking international law and treaty obligations.

Zambian immigration this morning handed Biti back to Zimbabwean authorities in total disregard of a court order signed by Lusaka High Court Judge Gertrude Chawatama.

Tweeting from her account, @Dora_Siliya, the Minister of Information also argued that it was a Zimbabwean internal matter.

“Govt denied Tendai Biti asylum because no breakdown of law & order in Zimbabwe. Citizens lives not under threat reason no influx of asylum seekers. SADC said elections free and fair. Post-election violence suspects (6 died) to appear before courts and is internal matter,” tweeted Siliya.

But the Human Rights Watch says If Zambia proceeds with the deportation it will violate its obligations under international law, including several treaties binding on it, that prohibit the return of any person to a country where they face a real risk of torture or other ill treatment (the principle of non-refoulment).

Human Rights Watch says it has documented a pattern of abductions, beatings, and harassment of third parties by security forces and unidentified armed men on the trail of senior opposition MDC Alliance officials in Harare since the election. Zimbabwe authorities have turned a blind eye to these abuses and have neglected to take steps to halt the abuses or hold those responsible to account.


One Response to Biti was deported because there’s no breakdown in law and order in Zimbabwe – Dora

  1. Such a misleading statements. SADC says every African election is free and fair, when everyone else says otherwise. Like in this case.
    The six people who died were shot in the back by Government military, not Biti or anyone from opposition. So how the hell does she write “Post election violence suspects (6 died) to appear before courts. . . “?
    Typical politician – lying through her teeth!
    She could have said Biti is wanted for questioning in inciting violence, but not tie him to the 6 that died.
    But in addition to being a liar, she is not very bright and can’t even lie with sense.

    August 9, 2018 at 3:02 pm

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