Bill 10 will burry you Your Excellence

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Liers, Jackals and Parasites

By Nick Phiri.

Your Excellency, don’t allow any person to lie to you about the prospects of Bill 10. It’s a non starter. People simply don’t approve of it. The political stakes are high. Arrogance won’t help. Withdraw it.

Intercontinental Hotel was jam packed yesterday. No sitting space. No where to park both inside and outside the hotel area. All roads led to the Bill 10 discussion.

Your Excellency, I decided to write directly and plainly to you because it’s clear that those close to you are not telling you the truth about the state of affairs in the country. They are liers. Jackals. Parasites!

Ofcourse some people are wondering if you don’t see it yourself. They are questioning your sense of judgement. If I was not your top fun, I would have questioned your judgement too. But then doing so now would imply that I don’t trust your sense of judgement

Your Excellency, some people are saying that the audience at the debate yesterday was a rented one and organized by opposition supporters. That’s a lie! The debate was organized by very independent institutions one of which is owned by a prominent member of the Pate. The panel was well balanced.

The invitation to attend the discussion on Bill10 was open to the general public. Everyone including our carders were not only welcome but also present. Governmental Non governmental organizations (GONGA) supporting Bill 10 even took the front seats. I saw NGO leaders in attendance too.

Personally, I meet accomplished professionals there; Doctors, Professors, academics and three of my law lecturers whom I respect so much. This profile of attendees Your Excellency should not be deliberately mistaken for partisan interest. Rather, it shows the stakes in the matter at hand, Bill10.

Yes, two discussants were booed and interrupted. But the audience was not unruly. It was angry. According to the audience, the discussants represented executive arrogance, manipulation and dishonesty. Further, they also misread the audience by offering unsolicited civics lessons. I’m sorry Your Excellency, I also took part in booing them. It was inevitable. They were awful. Forgive me.

Let me be clear on Bill 10 Your Excellency. What transpired yesterday goes to show you that citizens are not in support of this project. Those telling you that this is a contest between UPND and the Pate could be arrogant, ignorant, deliberately telling you lies or all of the above. It’s about the people. Once beaten twice shy. Zambians have been betrayed long enough by politicians. They can’t take it anymore. They don’t trust you.

See, you assented to Bill number 2 of 2016 into law to thunderous ululations, giving us the constitution amendment act number 2 of 2016 on 5th January 2016.

When signing this particular constitution, you said that you could sign it with your eyes closed because according to you , it was the best constitution Zambia could ever have. You made it part of your campaign selling points in the 2016 general elections. What has gone wrong today?

Exactly 3 years after you told the people gathered at Heroes stadium from all the Provinces of Zambia that you could sign it with your eyes closed, you are back again and this time not to make it any better, but to undo all the gains. What’s going on and in whose interest is this being done? People are wondering.

Your Excellency, the Pate submitted to the select committee rejecting some clauses of Bill 10 which clauses have also been rejected by the opposition, the people who submitted before the select committee and the select committee itself.

The question then is how did these rejected clauses find their way into the Bill? What was the motivation of whosever put them there in the first place? Can Your Excellency be trusted to act in the best interest of the country?

From these questions, some people have concluded that you don’t mean well. Why would you say with or without the opposition, you would pass Bill 10 into law Your Excellency? What’s the hurry? Is this about UPND and the Pate or state accountability to citizens?

Your Excellency, don’t underestimate the anger in the nation. The perceived poor management of the economy, uncontrolled corruption in government and high cost of living under your leadership has unnerved our people. The anger is real. What you saw yesterday at the Bill 10 debate is real.

Officials from the Pate such as the two discussants who supported the Bill yesterday against all odds are not helping and will not help the situation. They are defending Bill 10 instead of listening to the people. They are insulting the citizens that they are not learned. Being a lawyer is not everything. I can say that because I’m training to be one, so I know.

My honest advise Your Excellency is that just drop this whole Bill 10 thing forthwith. Find any reason for it, no matter how foolish, but just drop it to save face. You won’t lose much. Not much, not much.

I see a political disaster warming up if Bill 10 goes through including possible loss of power Your Excellency in 2021. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to leave plot one after serving two terms only.

What you saw at Intercontinental hotel yesterday is a true reflection of the feelings of citizens. Your Excellency, only you have the power to save your name, legacy and the Pate. Bill 10 will burry you Your Excellency!
Me I’m Just a painter🤷🏻‍♂🤷🏻‍♂.


6 Responses to Bill 10 will burry you Your Excellence

  1. I was there and saw it all and heard it all. Bill No.10 is not popular with the people. T

    January 19, 2020 at 10:18 am

  2. Well said and proper advise

    Abena kafue
    January 19, 2020 at 11:03 am

  3. I watched the whole discussion on prime tv. am sure people have spoken. if there’s anything to go by,the president must withdraw it to save face. very good advice.

    Nasson Mangwende
    January 19, 2020 at 7:45 pm

  4. Your Excellence kindly take this advise. From the look of things you need to replace Tutwa the man is failing you.

    Maimisa Gift
    January 19, 2020 at 8:24 pm

  5. a bemba proverb states that ushunfwa PAtunono Napa fingi takonfwe.

    Maurice malulu
    January 20, 2020 at 2:15 am

  6. If your child is born with his nose upside down, no amount of justification and manipulation of people’s minds will make the nose look respectable and thereby acceptable. The fact will always stand,that you sired a monster. Bill 10 is congenitally malformed.It is a monster—Its nose is upside down!!!

    Bitter peelm
    January 20, 2020 at 5:18 pm

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