Bill 10 fall, it is a dark day for Zambia – Kambwili

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It is a dark day for Zambia, opposition NDC president Chishimba Kambwili has said.

Commenting on the fall of Bill number 10 in Parliament, Kambwili a former Minister said he will not celebrate. He said Zambians have lost an opportunity to amend the constitution.

Kambwili said Bill 10 had some progressive clauses which should have been adopted. He said not all clauses were bad in Bill 10.

The NDC Leader said the Bill has fallen due to arrogance of the PF leadership. He said PF should have sat with the opposition and other stakeholders before going to Parliament.

Kambwili said there is no winner and loser and has asked all stakeholders to learn from what has happened. He said Given Lubinda as Justice Minister must have prevailed and give guidance from lessons of the NCC under MMD which PF opposed.

He said there is no way each president who is elected should change the constitution. He has urged President Lungu to learn from what has happened and stop listening to surrogate opposition parties and NGOs who were misleading him.

Kambwili said political party leaders need to be sincere to each other and put the interest of the country first.

The NDC leader was speaking late this afternoon shortly after Bill number 10 fall in Parliament.

But the main opposition UPND immediately went into celebrating saying the PF has been defeated.


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