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Biggest thieves, corrupt people in Zambia live in Lusaka – Hichilema

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By Correspondent reporter

President Hakainde Hichilema says the biggest thieves and corrupt Zambians live in Lusaka.

Speaking when he addressed government and party officials in Namwala yesterday, President Hichilema said it was the reason why his government moved money away from Lusaka to rural parts of the country because of thieves and corrupt people in Lusaka.

“It is for you to make right decision local decision and part of that money is already in the district. We have taken away decisions from Lusaka. As we have taken away the money from the big thieves in Lusaka. I have no shame to tell you that the biggest thieves in this country lives in Lusaka. The most corrupt people live in Lusaka, so twamba maali natuagushe kuli baciweena bamina onse (let’s take away the money from people who eats everything),” he said.

President Hichilema warned people of Namwala not to become small thieves too because of the money his government has taken away from big thieves in Lusaka.

“….and you local people don’t become small thieves now. Because we have taken it away from the big thieves we brought it to you now. Utilise it, utilise the money properly in the health sector,” he said.

The Head of State his government understood the challenges the people of Namwala are going through interms of Health service delivery.

“We understand the challenges you have outlined as a government and appreciate them. We are concerned about these issues just as you are. First as a government and secondly as residents of this area because these are people we have known.

“We walked these places from the time we were very young for me, 8, 9 years even …so we are together in the challenges the district us facing. At a provincial level we already discussed these issues in Choma, so today we ficus on Namwala.

” Of the issues you have raised, fundamental issues to the health, to the wellbeing of our people we want to indicate that some of them are already budgeted for, some of them, and this is how this New Dawn Government is working. We getting into 16 months into office, only 16 months in office but it looks like we have been in office for 2 years. We work differently, our approach is different and this is the first time in the history of this country that resources are ahead of projects.

” This has never happened before, where decentralisation is taken route, before we came into office decentralisation was a song, inyimbo. When they want to please people they do that here and there mubandi wamulomo, but now the decentralisation is in effect for real. We have said that under the enhanced Constituency Development Fund which used to be 1.6 million Kwacha per year which was even never delivered anyway if you were in Namwala because you were considered balayasi, that has changed, the quantum has moved from 1.6 which was rarely disbursed to this year K25.7 million, this is dramatic for Namwala for each Constituency, not just in this province but across the country,” President Hichilema said.

He said it was the first in this country to have such huge amounts of money deducated to a Constituency.

“This has never happened before, elders are here and as we stand here today the K25.7 million Kwacha has been disbursed to each Constituency and Minister of Finance knows that before the end of December, 2022 all that money should be in the Constituency. So and we have also taken a decision that come 2023, just days from now, we will increase CDF from K25.7 m per year per Constituency to K28.3 m per year, clap for me.

” Who can suffer? We have also said that the money which will not be absorbed this year because of certain regidities, by the way we have said we shall unlock these regidities, anything that stands on the way of development, in 2023 this fellow standing here will spend 60 percent of time and that goes to Cabinet, and down there you should spend more time so goes MPs, Councillors etc namunjile Namwala, go and check what is happening there,” he said.

President Hichilema has since directed government workers and elected leaders to spend more time on projects.

He directed that all unfinished projects on the district should be completed in 2023.

“I will spend 60 percent of my time to unlock anything that stands in the way of development for the people of Namwala and all the provinces of Zambia and that is why we were elected in the office.

“If you were not elected, you were appointed by a UPND government which was elected by the people so you were elected indirectly through us.

“What you say that you are civil servants no no no, you are there to serve the people. You must know the wards.

“I have walked driven and teargassed in this country, I know this country for years.

“So let me get back to the point, all of us are working for the public, directly as politicians and indirectly as Civil servants as central government, as local government we have to dedicate 2023 to serve our people better. In this CDF the money which was not used because of regidities, because of slowness in approval process, because of the law, we are changing the law to loosen up the process, we changing regulations to ensure that CDF reaches the people on time and the money which remained in 2022 will not be collected by the treasury, it will remain in Namwala.

“And on that we are adding 28.3 million natuboone what we will not be able to do,” he said.


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