B’Flow chickens out of the 2021 much anticipated elections?

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Far from music, in 2020, Brian Bwembya (B’Flow) made headlines when he disclosed his intention to contest for the Kabwe Central Constituency in the forthcoming much anticipated polls.

When he threw his hat into the ring, B’Flow was sure that he was likely going to face the likes of Tutwa Ngulube among others, in a seeming hotly contested seat, and social media went ablaze with most commentators urging him on.

However, with less than five months to go, B’Flow seems to have gone silent, has he forgotten, has he found the going tough, or has he thrown in the towel? That is the common question some people would be asking.

Meanwhile, this publication tried to get hold of him so as to find out if he is still standing by this position.

Apparently, B’Flow could not be reached for comment as on one attempt he only read the messages sent out to him but didn’t respond.

One the second attempt, B’Flow promised to respond and again did not, despite being reminded.

However, as if to confirm his intention to run for Parliament, recently, B’Flow had his Grade 12 School Certificate verified by Examination Council of Zambia.

This move is in line with a recent Constitutional Court ruling which ordered that those seeking public office should have such grade 12 qualifications.

“My Grade 12 School Certificate has been verified by ECZ. The document has brought so many memories of my Kabwe Secondary School days,” he posted on his Twitter account recently, the message was accompanied by a picture of his grade 12 certificate.

Recently, he also indicated that the 2021 parliamentary seats need to be filled with young people, especially those who are equal to the task, honest, level-headed and courageous, saying this should be so because the future of Zambia belongs to the youth.

Could this be an indication that he is still standing with his position to run for Parliament, only time will tell.


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