Beware of defecting defections

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HH welcomes Mulenga Sata while Dr Scott looks on

HH welcomes Mulenga Sata while Dr Scott looks on

By Emmanuel Chilekwa

The entire PF Cartel, that fought Edgar Chagwa Lungu has in its entirety, come to “hijack” my party, the UPND. Am afraid, it must be said, regardless.

It is political suicide to get a whole batch of “plotters” and synchronise them into the main stream wing. Often times, their act could never stop there.

What was the Cartel all about? In short, its all about business, but that’s a topic for another day. I will delve into the implications of The Post newspaper supporting us and what we must brace for as UPND later, not today.

Back to the theme for now – it’s the season when career politicians reach the climax of their inert pungent selfish pollution as they think of which tree to jump to mainly to enable them continue in the luxury and plunder principle shade.

In football, that window where you buy or sell players.

I have one concern though – are these players changing their teams because their teams or coaches are bad? Nay, they are reinventing themselves as they find their relevance coming to expiry line.

These are the same chaps that have caused mass unemployment, sold plots disadvantaging the poor, designed intimidating political schemes against UPND, These are the same folks that have been condemning progressive UPND policies. So, what has changed now with three minutes to go before end of the game?

The people of Zambia want REAL change. We want a new president, new Cabinet, really committed anti-corruption team, not old tried tested and failed corrupt ministers and Councillors – not same people like Alexander Cihkwanda (Finance Minister since 1972) who was there in UNIP, MMD, PF.

The Zambian people will not forgive or allow the UPND to take on PF jackets in operation, attitude and all. They want a new real change of HH and new team on the block.

President Hakainde will find it hard to do what is right if he surrounds himself with too much of PF / MMD folks. The best could be an 80:20 approach so that UPND keeps its efficacy.

If we pack too many old folks from the PF into the UPND, the PF Cartel will influence, confuse, dilute the UPND political and performance efficacy. I want the UPND to come and perform as a new party with new ideas and new people.

Some of these people are serious heavy baggage we are importing. Unless there is a cleansing buffer room before we launch them.out.

Pick a leaf from the MMD project of 1991, where quantity and contributions mattered more than quality and content. The MMD was an amalgamation of drug dealers, smugglers, plunderers, trade union activists and ordinary politicians. Drug money funded the MMD. See where that composition has brought it now.

Let people join UPND because of good policies, not because PF or Edgar has failed. How come they want to jump off the boat 95 days to go?



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  1. good observation Emmanuel..

    wako ni wako
    May 5, 2016 at 7:12 am

  2. They are there(in politics) for themselves not for the people of Zambia. Embrace them at your on peril.

    May 5, 2016 at 8:54 am

  3. I would urge the UPND faithful to remain alert.
    As for the HH and all the brain team, YES accept them (defectors) to come and join us, but your team of adoption should be merely for pure UPND, allow them as members but none should be taken in the cabinet. They tested power, failed, however, let them remain mere members.
    I admire the Garry nkombos, Jack Mwiimbus, VItalis Moyo, Conelius Mwetwa, let the UPND cabinet be pure for those who never jumped ship from all failed parties.

    General SUN-TZU
    May 5, 2016 at 10:23 am

    • Please respect defectors cause some may be doing it for good reasons,mulenga has already stated that he is not looking for a job,so has guy and miles so what is your problem ba paya farmer.You are bitter.

      dan biloko
      May 6, 2016 at 3:57 pm

  4. Your observation is fair but if UPND and HH go it that way, then UPND will continue being in the opposition. The problem we have had with our governments especially the Chiluba, the Banda, the Sata and Lungu led governments is due to these leaders who were just before becoming presidents poor. Sata was a trade unionist who had no money but just a loud mouth and who spoke very good English and represented Zambia excellently at international fora, Banda was wearing vibbudula ku Chipata at a so called farm (chimunzi) (could have made a good president as he was already old but his son henry was too much in a hurry to be rich), Edgar Lungu was allegedly drinking chibuku and other illicit brews in Chawama before Sata rescued him from the jaws of poverty to become a minister (has no track record of success at anything apart from getting a degree like me. Then if that is all it takes, make me president of Zambia too). When you consider Mwanawasa who was well off career-wise and financially, he even performed very well as president. As they say fish rots from the head. As long as we continue voting for people who found themselves at plot 1 out of sheer accident from a life of poverty, no track record of success, we will always have mediocre leadership and corruption. Going to state house requires funders who are always corrupt and who dictate the operations of government tenders. But HH ni nshimbi who already lives in a mansion and has all the money one would want to have (though they say money is never enough). HH is also a very disciplined person naturally and it would take so much to corrupt him. No wonder Fred Mmembe hesitated so much to support him as he knows how not flexible HH is. That is why he is even today not convinced that anything will come out from HH and therefore he is still hoping to deceive Zambians by advocating for the globally failed ideology of socialism as a way of gaining power through Kabimba. We need to start afresh and just embrace all in order for HH to form government and lead the nation to prosperity. HH will be bring discipline in government. Corruption will go down enormously. Tribes and the nation will be united. It is not time to reserve positions for original UPND members. Sata was a terrible tribalist who marginalised Southern, North-western and western provinces but UPND is not envious of that kind of governance and will not do what Sata did. We just need to start afresh as one Zambia one Nation.

    Poverty Fabricators (PF)
    May 5, 2016 at 10:49 am

    • Sorry meant Chiluba was a trade unionist…….

      Poverty Fabricators (PF)
      May 5, 2016 at 10:53 am

  5. Chilekwa even you at one time you were pf so please don’t insult me as a member of UPND. There is no way a situation like that of rainbow can be allowed that before someone defects to rainbow the leadership should first ask that person whether or not they believe in socialism. That is garbage as such a party should forget about attracting new members let alone form government instead old members will leave for the same party or parties being demonized. So in short if you chilekwa meant well you could have privately alerted the UPND leadership about your concerns since you have direct access to them. For you don’t mean well am suspicious about you and could be a sponsored and planted pf supporter in UPND. Your bringing out such a matter in public says it all.

    May 5, 2016 at 12:58 pm

  6. I totally disagree with the author. I dont think the author loves UPND. His claim are that he is UPND but I highly suspect that these are people who enjoys certain privileges or funding for opposition. Even in a home for a cultured person rejoices more on receipt of many visitors. Does the author aware of 50%+1 clause. Is the author better able to deduce what happened in Jan 2015 elections? Is the author not aware that ordinarly voters once they understand the 50%+1 will only target two parties by default? Is the author aware that currently right thinking Zambians are either for HH or ECL? Let the author be told that if you were eating alone in UPND you realise that the money chewed was from few individuals. This author infact should be asking or encouraging older supporters like Dipak Patel, Nalumango, Maureen K Mwanawasa, Milupi, Desai, Panji, Sejani, Sakwiba, Chisanga, E Mumbi, Masebo, Syakalima, Saunders etc to keep their voices higher and higher and the Mwananjitis, Madyenkukus, Lubindas, Winas, Edgar Lungu to emulate Bob

    Muntu Na Muntu
    May 5, 2016 at 7:38 pm

  7. Those words will destroy your party, tribalism is the game in your party. Here you only named tongas , well your observation is good to you.
    What you don’t know is that those Bembas are building your party.
    In fact they will go you will remain as you were.
    They are powerful lot if they stand with you are near victory.
    HH knows how powerful they are. In fact Samoa is not Upend.

    May 5, 2016 at 8:19 pm

  8. The author is an idiot. He is not a upnd member.
    He is just a hired pfool.
    Upnd has no problem with all supporters from different parties.
    Helping upnd to win is not necessarily joining. All are at liberty to support while belonging to other parties.
    The so called cartel are smart people who are allergic to corruption and plunder.
    The author is one of the cleverest pfools.
    It is just hallucinations by the dimwit pfool author.
    The author is the dimwit pfool.

    May 6, 2016 at 6:23 pm

  9. I am sure that the so called defectors are doing the right thing. They had the freedom to join other political parties like FDD or form other parties. I am sure that they have decided not to join FDD because they know that FDD and PF are now one. In national interest, they have decided to join UPND on principle. For that I salute them. They should feel at home as UPND is now their party.

    Choongo Mulenga
    May 7, 2016 at 2:26 pm

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