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Best 10 Film Degree Programs in the UK

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Going to film school may be a lifelong dream for many. However, in addition to high costs and finding the best school, you need to consider how the school’s name will influence your chances of being hired.

When choosing a film school, you need to consider a wide variety of aspects. The school’s prospectus is aimed to draw you in, but you need to make your decision carefully.
Here are the ten best film degree programs in the UK to help you make your decision.

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National Film and Television School

National Film and Television School offers a wide range of master’s degrees and diploma courses in film study. It is the only film school in the UK that has its own film and television studios with equipment that matches industry standards. 

The school is also home to three sound stages and top-class editing programs. Fees are between £4,000 and £11,300 per year for local students.

Met Film School

Met Film School offers a variety of courses, including part-time and weekend courses. With fees from as little as £1,600, students attend classes within the state-of-the-art Ealing Studios. 
While there is no film and television studio on site, students have access to the best film equipment and editing tools on Apple workstations. There is also a large common room for students to interact with one another more easily and comfortably.

London Film School

London Film School offers three master’s courses, a Ph.D. course, and a variety of workshops. While the building is a converted warehouse with little luxury, its location offers students fantastic opportunities for networking. 
The school also has a design studio, sound suites, editing suites, and a production office, all equipped with the best tools for students.

London Film Academy

London Film Academy offers a very wide variety of courses, from short courses to diplomas and even master’s courses. They have a large collection of equipment to help students complete projects and short films, including rehearsal and film studios and an editing room. 
Students also leave with a good portfolio, and the school brags that most graduates are employed within three months of completing their course.
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Brighton Film School

Brighton Film School offers a small scope of highly specialized courses. They also have a large number of props for use on their film stage that can be used to create any type of set. 

The school boasts of a wide variety of high-quality film cameras as well as a state-of-the-art audio kit. With upper-level fees at £5,250, Brighton might be one of the most affordable film schools to attend.

Bournemouth Film School

Bournemouth Film School offers specialist master’s courses in 13 fields, including some courses offered through distance learning. The school also offers good film facilities, including film dubbing studios and dollies for tracking. The school also helps students get work placements while they complete their studies to gain experience

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Goldsmiths, the Screen School

Goldsmiths, the Screen School offers students five master’s courses in film and one Master of Science course in computer games. The film school and equipment is located in a newly-built media facility, allowing students access to new equipment in a welcoming environment. 
The films completed by graduates are also featured at BAFTA before being entered into film festivals across the globe.

Leeds Beckett University offers few courses, most of which are bachelor’s courses and one master’s course. The school holds a number of high-quality camera equipment, along with studio and workshop facilities, and post-production facilities. 
Students are presented with the opportunity to network with students and staff at other Leeds universities, increasing their chances of success in the industry.


UEA offers undergraduate degrees, sample courses, and two postgraduate courses. The university is also internationally renowned with a large campus. 
It also has its own screening room, offering students the opportunity to watch films and archives on the big screen. The school has a large number of graduate students working for Studio Canal UK and offers the chance to study abroad.


Raindance offers certificate and diploma courses, with certificate courses covering five days at £198 each. As a result of the course structure, there is a lot of flexibility and offers selected modules in postgraduate studies. It is becoming an industry leader, offering students the opportunity to network and meet mentors.


Film schools are as varied as the courses they offer. With some film schools offering courses from undergraduate to postgraduate, while others only offer postgraduate or short courses, you need to choose the school best suited to you. 
It is important to consider the kinds of courses offered, as well as at what level. While considering the courses, consider the opportunities each school provides for networking, mentoring, and internships. The right film school for you is the one that leaves you best equipped to enter the industry.

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Elizabeth Skinner is an academic writer and blogger who writes on a variety of topics that include movies, sports, current affairs and also academic subjects like history, arts, sociology and political science. In her free time, she reads autobiographies of famous people, listens to classical much and watching movies. 


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