Being invited to UK won’t win HH an election

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HH in LondonBy Chanoda Ngwira

Invitations are a normal thing especially when one claims to have some expertise in some field. We have had people invited to give keynote speeches to internationally organised conferences of whichever kind. We have had Zambians from all walks of life who have been invited before, that does not mean they are Presidential material.

Am left with amusement to see and read about HH’s invitation to some organization in some country. The invitation has been politicised by HH’s London based UPND Cadre called Larry L Mweetwa, this Europe based Doctor has chosen to sink so low to levels of being unreasonable in his thinking, he together with his fellow desperate cadres of UPND are busy writing about this invitation and are cheating themselves that since HH was invited, he is surely Presidential material and would win next year’s election.

Listen friends, HH is an economist though his qualifications have not benefited this country, at the same time, he is a man who has experience in being an opposition leader, something that has brought him to the limelight of the world. It is therefore unavoidable for him to get an invitation from any organisation based on the above two reasons especially the later reason of being a perpetual opposition leader. There is nothing special at all to being invited to some conference.

Wake up from your sleep my friends in UPND, stop this behavior of making yourselves feel nice when truthfully you know the reality on the matter. We know that you and your HH can not make it to government no matter how many invitations HH can get.

Who told you giving a keynote speech has made one President, we have people like Elias Chipimo, they have traveled all over to give keynote speeches, we have Dr Nevers Mumba, he has traveled as well on that basis. Have they become Presidents of this nation? The answer is NO, so why would one think that just because Hakainde went to give a keynote speech at some conference where he even got allowances, he is Dafinately going to be President? You can cheat small minds, not those who think and analyse issues.

Finally, thou shall not forget that HH was not addressing voters in Vubwi or Lundazi, he went overseas to give that speech, among the people he addressed, whether Doctors or Proffesional Business men, or even tycoons, no one was a voter and will be a voter In next year’s elections.. And remember also that my relatives In Kapompo and Shangombo did not even see that HH giving the speech, this means that their choice will not be based on his invitation. STOP IT PLEASE!


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