Before you start campaigning for 2016, are you able to handle needs of Zambians – Petersens

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Zambian prominent Musician Petersen Mukubesa Mundia alias Zagaze has charged that running a country demands seriousness.

He says before politicians can start campaigning for 2016 elections they should they should ask themselves whether they are able to handle the needs of the Zambian people.

Petersen says excuses by those entrusted to governor will not help the economic challenges facing the country.

“Admitting to your failures and a call for sympathy wont fix what is missing,” Petersen says. “Assurances are just words and no one can live or feed on them.”

He says those who feel are not for the task should never aspire to governor the country.

Petersen says:

“Never go for a woman you can not maintain, be it in a dating relationship or marriage scenario.

If you know your capability to provide and satisfy her is shaky, leave her for those fit to handle needs. Or just in good faith don’t expose her to poverty just because you so admire and love the idea of dating her.

A home demands for mental fitness, morally sober and dedication without selfishness. There’s is more to being in charge of a home than the title.

Children and spouses will never feed on apologies nor promises. Meals, school fees and access to good health should be provided. Admitting to your failures and a call for sympathy wont fix what is missing. Assurances are just words and no one can live or feed on them.

Same as governing a nation. Deliver, provide and fix, assurances and promises will never fix the economy, nor stop inflation..

Every one has lust but NEVER HUNT WHAT YOU CAN’T KILL. This isn’t a family affair, this is a nation.

Before you start campaigning for 2016, the question is, are you able to handle Zambians’ needs?”


6 Responses to Before you start campaigning for 2016, are you able to handle needs of Zambians – Petersens

  1. We know hh has a traceable record of fixing economical challenges in his private sector and there are big economical expansions he has made though he does not talk about his achievements. Edgar stole client’s money, his legal company is dead but has a small bar in Kamwala south and the wife left a market stand in Chawama market. The nation require requires men and women like Hakainde or Nawakwi.

    December 4, 2015 at 7:09 am

    • Even if he has never been in government, at least HH has a traceable successful record in business! If it is true HH stole from the mines as people accuse him so be it but at least he has grown his wealth hundred forth. However, @Bwalya if it is also true ECL ‘chewed’ client’s money why has he not used it to expand his law firm?

      Experience in government is no guarantee to be an effective President. KK & Chiluba had no experience but at least had impacted peoples lives positively despite their shortcomings. KK just overstayed but despite his humble education I’ve respect for the man – he understood national economics better than graduates. He overspent on liberation wars. We are enjoying benefits of his sweat & Chiluba’s liberalized economy now. KK had foresight otherwise you may not be talking about shopping from South African shops: Shop-rite,Game, P’N’P, etc. KK helped liberate Zimbabwe & South Africa in order for us to have goods flowing into Zambia.

      Sata had the widest governance experience but in my opinion failed lamentably apart from building roads already started by RB & creating failed districts. He could not even face his supporters on TV for 3 years of his Presidency yet before then he was an able speaker on TV. These roads were just for looting & campaign cos it was easier to point fingers at. That is the more reason PF still want to over build roads to win elections next year. If they don’t what will be their campaign message? On microeconomics & macroeconomics BaSata & current PF has nothing to point at!

      Lungu had just been in government at the mercy of Mr Sata & luckily found favor with BaSata who left him acting at the time of his death. That become his qualification – ‘Ninani BaSata batushila, ni uyu wine Edgar’. Meaning if BaSata left Kabimba, Chikwanda, Scott or GBM acting that was the qualification needed? Was BaSata the chooser of Presidents for Zambia even after his demise?Boom ECL lands himself into Presidency. where are we now? Answer it yourself.

      December 4, 2015 at 11:05 am

  2. Very good speech Peterson or whatever you are called the only problem is you have failed to point a nail on the head and mention Lungu as a failure next time brave enough

    December 4, 2015 at 7:22 am

  3. Just go back to your bitch Sue Chintu idiot

    December 4, 2015 at 7:35 am

    • Its you who is an idiot. Instead of talking about real issues,you start championing hate and heresies. what a hopeless tribalist. I have called a tribalist coz as for now, any one reacts negatively to the cry of the zambian pipo is either full of hate & a tribalist.

      December 4, 2015 at 9:57 am

  4. Most Zambians ve a short memory, busy complaining about ECL’s inefficiences yet praise him tomorrow after recieving a lollypop. Its shame that they look at today for going tomorrow. Wake up pipo

    December 4, 2015 at 12:13 pm

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