Be sincere and stop wastage of Public Funds, Sikota tells PF government

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File: Sikota with Vice President Guy Scott

By  Zambian Eye Reporter

United Liberal Party President Sakwiba Sikota has told the ruling Patriotic Front to be sincere about the current resignations by opposition members of parliament and stop the wastage of public funds that are being channeled towards the hosting of By-elections.

Sikota said it was cardinal for the ruling party to openly discourage the defections so that those in the opposition should not do so. He told the Zambian Eye that it had become clearer at this time that
the PF was bent on destroying the opposition while wasting the meagre resources that could otherwise be channelled towards development to fund by-elections.

The ULP leader said it was unfortunate that the PF was celebrating the resignation of the former Livingstone MP despite the government having spent huge sums of money in the same constituency barely a year ago.

Meanwhile Foundation for Democratic Process president Dr Alex Ng’oma has said there was nothing wrong with Reverend Howard Sikwela to resighn from the UPND because he had a right to belong to any
political party of his choice and to leave if he felt uncomfortable.

Ng’oma told the Zambian Eye that there was no need to question Sikwela on the matter because had made it clear to everyone that he never felt part of the UPND.


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