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Be open minded on the out come of the elections, Chief Mumena tells Presidential candidates

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Nawakwi greets Chief Mumena

Nawakwi greets Chief Mumena

Chief Mumena of the Kaonde people in North Western Province has called on candidates to be open minded on the out come of the forth coming Presidential elections.

Speaking when FDD leader Edith Nawakwi paid courtesy call on him at his palace in Solwezi Tuesday, the Tradition leader observed that the FDD president unlike other candidates in the Presidential race has humbled herself to the electorates hence exhibiting rear leadership qualities which should be an example to fellow contenders in the race.

His Royal Highness noted that some candidates have been going around the country behaving as if they had already been sworn in and wondered what would happen to the country when these same leaders lose the elections.

He advised other leaders to take leaf from the FDD President who has carried out issue based campaigns with demonstration of how she will tackle the challenges affecting the masses in the country including the unequal distribution of the nation’s wealth.

“We have noticed that some candidates are moving around the country behaving and talking like they have already won the elections now we wonder what will happen to them and the country when they lose.”

The traditional leader further acknowledged the need for remodeling the way resources are distributed by government as the current system perpetrates inequalities.

He added that there is need to include locals in the way resources are distributed and managed something he said would help in directing resources were its needed as only locals on the ground understands their needs in different areas.

“I agree with you when you say there is need for people to be involved in solving their problems in different areas because what is happening now is definitely not working for our people who are still wallowing in poverty despite sitting on wealth.

“We will continue singing about poverty if we don’t change our approach on how we try to solve different challenges in different areas because the “one solution fits all approach” has not worked for the last 50years and will continue to fail as different areas require different solutions,” he said.

And the tradition leader says there is need for the country to enact a constitution which can easily be interpreted by citizens.

He said it was disappointing to note that learned people who are suppose to help the public understand certain issues in the constitution were the ones confusing the public.

“We need a construction which is easy to interpret even by those who are not learned. It is disappointing to see people, learned people who are supposed to help our people understand these issues failing to do so.

Some political parties can’t even properly interpret their own party constitution. Why have a constitution which anyone can interpret to suit himself/herself according to situations,”observed the fractional leader.”

Meanwhile his Royal Highness expressed concern that the forth coming Presidential elections will record massive voter apathy especially in rural areas due to ignorance.

He said people in rural areas were ignorant about the coming election because there hasn’t been voter education which he noted was no ones fault because of the limited time in which the polls are being held.

The opposition leader was in the province campaign king for the forth coming presidential elections.


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