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Be deplomatic and dialogue with KCM – Mumba advise PF govt

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Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy –MMD- President Nevers Mumba has advised the Patriotic Front –PF- to dialogue with the mining firm and help save the anticipated 2,000 job loses.

Dr. Mumba said government should dialogue with the company to find ways of how it will save jobs of the poor miners. He said government needs to be serious on the issues and should approach the mining with much diplomacy considering the slump of the copper on the international market.

Dr. Mumba who was speaking when featured on the Lusaka star programme on UNZA radio Thursday morning has meanwhile accused the government of failing to implement its policies and therefore be kicked out of office in 2016. He said the PF came into office as pro- poor and socialist government but has completely failed but has instead increased the misery on the poor people by removing subsidies.

The opposition leader has meanwhile advised Foreign Affairs to term president Michael Sata from what he said is off the calf speech at major international conference.

Dr. Mumba who served as a diplomat to Canada said president is likely to put the country as a talking point through his uncoordinated speech. He said as much as it might be okay for the president to say that in Zambia where people would just laugh over, he need to be controlled when he represents the country abroad because his sentiment posses a risk to diplomacy


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