Be careful with your patriotism – it doesn’t always pay

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Picture of Mapenzi Chibulo taken moments before she was gunned down by police

I have always advocated for patriotism, be it politics, religion or sport but I hold reserve for unworthy patriotism (where self loss is bigger than the gain), and that is what most Zambian youths have indulged themselves into. Some have lost themselves, their jobs, families and friends in the name of patriotism especially for politics that is not excluding many that have lost the above coz of religion and sport.

Am so aware of people that have sacrificed personal friendship for political belonging, some that have sacrificed businesses to be supporters of politicians, while some have sacrificed their jobs amd studies all for the same. Well, a reminder to all who have done that and that is that not all sacrifice and patriotism is worth it nor pays well and the earlier you set your life priorities right the better.

– Mpundu Mutembo, Zanco.
It is just a few earlier years that I learnt about this man, to me he was imaginary till i read about him in the media, read about his full heroics during Zambia’s struggle for independence and how he gave his life for the struggle. It is Mutembo to whom was told by the colonists to break the shackles or be shot and he put his life on the line and chose to break it for our freedom. But what has the man who put his life on the line for all our freedon got as a reward for that? Merely an image depicting his heroics on our Bank notes (Currency) while living an actual life without the money his image is on and left to struggle in Mbala by successive governments. The latest I heard was the government awarding him some national award for his bravery – something that doesn’t turn his life economically better.

– The 1993 Zambia National Soccer Team.
Arguably the most talented side ever assembled in Zambian football history died in a plane crash on the coast of Gabon, these are players that were not highly paid by FAZ each time they were on national duty, players who in their hearts had the joy of Zambians as their payment and comfort but what did they get for all this dedication, zeal and patriotism? An unpublished report about what caused the plane crash leading to a lack of closure by their families and petty compensation from the government for their losses.

– Mapenzi Chibulo.
It’s slightly over two years ago since a UPND supporter was shot by police for being part of a group that wanted to assemble for a political rally against the directive of the Zambia Police. The least we heard done was her being buried, nothing sort of compensation from the government, not even a follow up by her party to check on her dependents and help them was made or reported even with her sacrifice to defend her party.

Just like the cases cited, there are many of you that are patriotic to things that are unworthy, many that have put their lives on the line for such things as politics, religion and sport but won’t receive recognition nor compensation for their effort in critical times. The earlier you take note of those unworthy things and leave them the better.

We live once and have to live rewarding lives.

Mbanga, Irvine Ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America.


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