BBC says there is confusion on President Sata’s whereabouts

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BBC FocusBy Barry Matabula

Is there a media ban in Zambia?

Friends I ask this question because I’m afraid that’s the impression or image we are portraying to the world at the moment.

Watching BBC Focus on Africa, Monday evening, a BBC reporter who apparently came to Zambia and flew back to Johannesburg in the evening, reports that there is confusion surrounding the President’s whereabouts.

Even reports of him chairing a cabinet meeting are being questioned by the locals going by the still pictures coming from State House.

She says reading today’s local newspapers and speaking to a number of journalists on the ground, she gets an impression there is a media ban in our country because it’s practically impossible to get facts about the situation right now. And that Facebook is the only platform people are freely discussing the president’s state off affairs.

Must we care what the world thinks about us as a country. I personally think we should because I strongly believe it may have repercussions economically and otherwise!


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