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BBC Kamla Dumar Award winner appointed Texila American American Ambassador

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Texila America University Zambia (TAUZ) has appointed renowned journalists and BBC Kumla Dumar award winner, Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya as it’s official brand ambassador.

TAUZ chief executive officer, Mr Pankaj Maheshwari said “We are pleased to announce the official appointment of Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya as the brand ambassador for Texila American University (TAU) Zambia. This decision is made in recognition of Mr. Buyoya’s exceptional achievements and his commitment to excellence in his respective field”.

Mr Maheshwari said as one of the leading educational institutions in Zambia, Texila strives to promote academic excellence, innovation, and holistic development among its students.

He said through this appointment, the University aims to collaborate with Mr. Buyoya to further enhance its brand reputation and expand its outreach to aspiring students, professionals, and the wider community.

Mr Buyoya thanked the University for the opportunity.

“I am very happy to take up this role because this is my opportunity to promote access to quality education,” he said during the MoU signing event.

Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya, a renowned personality, has demonstrated outstanding leadership and a remarkable commitment to promoting education and personal growth. His accomplishments and influence have inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence. As a brand ambassador for TAU Zambia, we believe that Mr. Buyoya’s values align perfectly with our vision and mission.

As part of his role, Mr. Buyoya will actively participate in various initiatives and events organized by Texila American University Zambia. He will engage with students, faculty members, and the community at large to share his experiences, insights, and motivate them to pursue higher education and professional success. Through his association with TAU Zambia, we aim to create a positive and inspiring environment that fosters growth and personal development.

We are confident that Dingindaba Jonah Buyoya’s expertise, passion, and dedication will greatly contribute to the growth and success of Texila American University Zambia. Together, we will continue to provide quality education, nurture talent, and empower individuals to become leaders in their respective fields.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Buyoya as the brand ambassador for TAU Zambia and in supporting our collective efforts to transform lives through education”.

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