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Bars now COVID 19 death traps- Lusambo

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Bowman Lusambo

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says bars in the country have become COVID 19 death traps, adding that it’s disheartening that people continue to patronise them.

Lusambo, who is recovering from the flu like disease urged citizens to take preventive measures seriously, adding that the virus is real.

He writes:-

As I continue with my recovery, I wish to share some reflections regarding the manner in which we as Zambians are approaching the fight against Covid-19.

From the onset, Covid-19 is real and is a very dangerous and debilitating disease. It can kill you in a matter of hours. It spreads fast and does not respect social status.

It is therefore heartbreaking to see latest videos taken from over crowded bars and nightclubs in Lusaka showing patrons seemingly enjoying themselves with no regard to social distancing and not wearing face masks.

What is even more disturbing is that most of the patrons are adults with families whose conduct places those families at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19.

Unlike in the past few months when we had some levels of adherence to public health guidelines on Covid-19 prevention, we now seem to have thrown caution to the wind.

I wish to warm Zambians especially Lusaka residents that these restaurants we have now turned into bars are mere death traps. They have the potential to swallow all of us and wipe out the entire city.

We have seen the devastation and the havoc that Covid-19 has wrenched on life as we know it. Unfortunately, we will not be able to flatten the curve if such behaviors continue.

We run the risk of having our public health system which has done very well thus far overrun by demand caused by a sharp spike in cases. Our hardworking frontliners will soon be overwhelmed to breakpoint levels and when that happens, the entire economy will inevitably collapse.

We can change the tide by adopting responsible behavior. His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has demonstrated admirable sound leadership during this Covid-19 pandemic as he has done on several other dark periods in our country’s recent history such as the gassing incidents, drought and floods, KCM saga including the market fires.

We can help him and his administration by playing our role as citizens to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Please be responsible, stay home, practice social distance and mask up.

Stay safe!


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