Barotse activists declare Independence illigal, asks locals to be in black

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File: Delegates to Barotse National Council that took place in March 2012

We hereby inform our noble citizen of Barotseland at home and indeed in the diaspora that we the people of barotseland will not celebrate the Independence of Northern Rhodesia-Zambia which will be celebrated on 24th of October and that all the activities by the Zambian government in Barotseland are totally illigal.

We are not Zambians and as much as we are concered Zambia doesnt exist. Why? Zambia was formed after the
union of two countries-Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia coming together to form one name Zambia of which Barotseland never surrendered her sovereignity and was not formed to be ruled by an alien.

Zambia was crippled on 27th of March 2012 and BNC declared that Barotseland is no more part of Zambia. Now where is the name Zambia? The only nations we know now after BNC resolutions is Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia period and all what the world knows now is Barotseland is nolonger part and parcel of illigal name Zambia.

Barotse were illigally Zambians on the basis of Barotseland Agreement of 1964 which was never in force, therefore Barotse National ceased to be illigal Zambians when we accepted unilateral,abrogation, repudiation of Barotseland agreement of 1964 by the Zambian government which is null and void.

Barotseland has done what is right and good for her people through BNC Viena Convention of article 60 and 70 gives mandate to the innocent party to revert to the position obtaine before it was entered into, so Barotseland has done it and we have reached a point of no return.

The 24th of October was the beging of oppression and colonialism which we say,black to black colonialism is a taboo inAafrica tradition.since 24th to date the people of barotseland have suffered and suffering of human rights abuse unnecessary, arrest torture and maim.right now the report we are receiving in Kaoma is that our Barotse Nationals in Kaoma state prison are being beaten unnecessarily and were recently taken to hospital where it was discovered that they were suffering of extreme beatings by some police officers from Kaoma prison for unknown reasons.

BNYL-BAROTSE NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE would like to caution Kenneth Namukulo for making careless statement, he is reported in some section of the media online newspaper lusaka Times saying everything in barotseland is okey as the

  BNYL-finally we just gona say this we have been insulted enough, rediculed enough, teased enough, mocked enough, cheated enough, dribble enough, used enough, misunderstood enough, hurt enough, marginalised enough, victimised
enough, neglected enough subjugated enough and we are putting this to an end as we say tooo little tooo LATE.
All the people of barotseland on 24th of October to put on black cloths as its a dark day, Barotseland Independence is coming for Royal Kingdom Barotseland. Bulozi fasi la bo ndataluna, mulena buluka sicaba sa hesu
ufelize lindwa ni ma swenyeho usibuluke.
By Mutakela Lucanana – BNYL Publicity Secretary

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