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AZ’s departure from the Dutch Cup

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The Dutch Cup is a tournament in which all the country’s professional teams participate. AZ Alkmaar is no exception. Moreover, the team is often considered one of the competition’s favorites. However, in the season 2022/23, the club failed to perform well in this tournament. Already at the final stage, AZ unexpectedly lost to Utrecht 1:2.

Many thought the team was the favorite. Firstly, AZ had a better squad. Secondly, the game was held on the home field. However, the reality was different. The club left the tournament at an early stage.

Some experts attribute this to the fact that AZ Alkmaar decided to focus on performances in the Eredivisie this season. Through the championship, the team can participate in the Champions League. The Cup is all about extra games and tired leaders. That’s why the management decided to sacrifice it. However, the efforts of Utrecht should not be underestimated. The team played a great game and managed to take advantage of the mistakes of a stronger opponent.

Now the club has a busy end of the season in the Dutch championship. If it expects to finish in the Champions League zone, it is necessary to avoid misfires. The competitors are very dangerous and are very close. Therefore, any loss of points could be fatal.

The main reasons for AZ’s departure from the Dutch Cup

Already at the stage of ⅛ finals, AZ faced a serious opponent. It is enough to look at the recent results of Utrecht to see that this is a powerful team. Their matches are covered on the sports statistics website. Open > yesterday livescores are presented here in full. Here the team’s matches are covered not only in the Cup but also in other tournaments.

If highlighting the main reasons for AZ’s loss to Utrecht, it is impossible to go by:

  1. The lack of the proper level of motivation. The players understood that the season in the league was good for them, and they could achieve the desired result. Therefore, not all of them gave their all in the cup game. Their skillful opponents used it.
  2. Lack of leaders. Many of the leading players of the team missed that game. It was reflected in its result.
  3. Problems with the chemistry of the players. Players often made mistakes, misfires, and foozling.

Thus, in the season 2022/2023, AZ dropped out of the national Cup early enough. However, it is unlikely that anyone regretted it too much. If you missed any of the team’s yesterday’s livescores, go to Here you can find up-to-date data, which is easy to view through any handy device. All you need is an Internet connection.



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