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How Long-Term Couples Can Put a Spark Back Into Valentine’s Day

1,390 ViewsIf you’re married or have been dating someone for a while, the sweetness of Valentine’s Day may be becoming a little stale. Most of us shake our heads at the Hallmark commercial bliss reserved for new couples, but who wouldn’t like to be spoiled with fresh flowers, a thoughtful card, chocolates and a romantic […]

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US takes India to WTO on solar energy

1,164 ViewsThe United States said it was taking India to the WTO to open up its solar industry, raising a new dispute weeks after a bitter feud over a diplomat’s arrest. The United States asked for talks under the World Trade Organization to change India’s requirements for the use of domestic content as part of […]

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6 surprising health benefits of masturbation

1,549 ViewsIt is said that the safest way to cheat on your partner is with yourself and that is by loving yourself. Masturbation if you like. “Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals, usually to the point of orgasm. The stimulation can be performed using the hands, fingers, everyday objects, or dedicated sex […]

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Africa’s first clitoral restoration hospital set to open in March

1,343 ViewsA UFO cult is behind Africa’s first clitoral restoration hospital in Burkina Faso, set to open in March, which will offer a controversial surgery to victims of female genital mutilation. The Raelian sect believes that humans were created by extra-terrestrials to experience joy. It promotes world peace, democracy — and sexual satisfaction. This mission […]

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How To Celebrate First Valentine’s Day After Marriage

1,817 ViewsRemember those days of bachelorhood when February 14 was an eagerly awaited day- full of romance and togetherness. Now you are married, but why should the day be any different? Do not believe all those who say that love diminishes after marriage. In fact, your wedding can be a new freedom to express love […]

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Teen Who Went into a Coma After Breast Implants Is Unable to Talk or Move

2,616 ViewsLinda Perez was just 18 years old when her life changed completely. She underwent plastic surgery to have bre@st implants in August of 2013 and subsequently fell into a coma after complications from the surgery. She is now awake but cannot walk, can only speak a few words, and cannot do anything for herself […]

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