Auction of the carcasses from the Macha animal massacre takes off

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The auction of over 71 Carcasses of animals that were seized from a farmer and killed in Macha area on Saturday has taken off in Mbabala after an application to the court by the Choma Veterinary Office.

Byta FM’s Tryford Bukowa is in Mbabala where the auction is taking place and explains that four Abattoirs have shown interest in buying the Carcasses.

The Veterinary Department has directed the Abattoirs that will successful in auction to only sell the carcasses after processing it into sausage and not direct meat.

This is a precaution in view of the foot and mouth virus that the animals are suspected to be carrying.

In addition, the farmer will get 30 percent of the total sale, but will have to bare the costs incurred by the Veterinary Department in the process.

32 Cattle, 12 Sheep and 28 Goats are the animals listed on the notice of Sheriff’s Sale by Public Auction obtained by Byta FM News.

Meanwhile, Siantumbe recently described the slaughter of his animals as a death penalty saying his entire family and the education of his children depended on the animals.

The slaughter of the animals has been received with mixed emotion from a cross section of society with argument torn between the law and whether officers should sought other alternatives.

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