Arthur Simuchoba’s death marks end of the old-school Journalism, says Ex-State House Aide

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Arthur Simuchoba

The untimely death of Veteran Journalist Arthur Simuchoba marks the end of the old-school Journalism in Zambia as his name will remain on the pedestal of scribes who fearlessly shaped the profession, observes former State House Press Aide Dickson Jere.

Simuchoba 65 who worked as Editor at Times of Zambia, Post Newspaper and Monitor Newspaper died on Saturday, 16th February 2019.

Jere who worked under Simuchoba at The Post Newspaper has described his passing on as “The Last of the Mohicans”.

Dickson Jere

Jere wrote:

The Last of the Mohicans 

As Times of Zambia editor, President Frederick Chiluba fired him for writing an editorial that was critical of government. I was one of those who mobilized demonstrators against his dismissal in 1996 – that is how our bond began! 
“Reinstate Arthur!” read the placard I carried when we picketed Times of Zambia.

A year later, I found myself sharing the same newsroom at now defunct Post newspaper where he was employed as Executive Editor shortly after his unceremonious exit at Times of Zambia. Our bond grew to the extent that he became family.
“Dickson, muntu wandi,” he would often say.

So when I differed with my boss at the Post newspaper and had to quit, Arthur Simuchoba, in solidarity with my leaving, also quit his job in a very bizarre way. He just walked to the entrance of the Post newspaper, handed over company phone to the guard and disappeared! No letter, no talk with anyone whatsoever.

He was a true legend – the last of the Mohicans- who took up journalism as a passion. Educated at Sir Evelyn Hone College, the chain-smoking Arthur had unmatched experience in journalism that saw him edit the Times of Zambia, Post Newspaper, Monitor Newspaper, Executive Issues and many more international publications. He loved his Rhino before that beer went in extinction!

His untimely death – on 16th February 2019 – marks the end of the old-school Journalism in Zambia as his name will remain on the pedestal of scribes who fearlessly shaped the profession. 
“Fya chabe chabe (useless things)”, was his favorite line when describing the dwindling economic situation those days.

Arthur was a moving encyclopedia. He had all the data on his fingertips – literally! Figures on Zambia, history, events and “who is who” from the first government to date. Just a phone call, you had your information. His writing skills was very impressive! It is no wonder when I founded Executive Issues, Arthur was my natural choice of editor. Even when I wrote my first book “Inside the Presidency”, Arthur was the natural choice of editor. He loved his work. A proper wordsmith of our time. He joins other luminaries in journalism who passed on such as Patu Simoko, Nafi Nyalungwe and Dan Kapata.
RIP Uncle Simuchoba. 
Arthur Simuchoba: 1954 – 2019


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