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Armed Police disregard Court order, prevent UPND rally

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Opposition UPND has failed to hold its public rally in the Zambian capital after Armed Police officers in Lusaka sealed the entrance to the venue – Kanyama Twashuka grounds.
The police disregarded the High Court order granted to the opposition on Friday evening that they go ahead with the public rally. They declared the rally illegal and screened anyone who passed through the place.
Over a thousand armed Police officers were deployed to the venue as early as 11 am on Sunday but Zambia Police cancelled the rally citing lack of manpower to police the political meeting.  Police Spokesperson Elizaberth Kanjela said the officers were deployed to maintain peace and order.
Dozens of suspected Patriotic Front – PF supporters were seen matching from Kafue Roundabout by Zambian Eye around 11 am heading towards Kanyama direction. The Youths who looked like they were organized from the streets sung and chanted PF slogans.
UPND has accused the PF of having deployed hooligans and thugs armed with pangas and machetes  to go and butcher its supportes who went for rally in Kanyama.
The UPND posted on its Facebook page that the PF sent 3000 hooligans from town centre.
‘We are worried that this country will be lit by selfish individuals very soon. How does one explain the conduct of National Leaders that can arm 3,000 carders with machetes and pangas to go and disperse a rally organized by an oppositions party,” the statement read. “If we had not withdrawn from Kanyama today would have been a sad day for Zambia.”
The UPND withdrew and its leader Hakainde Hichilema latter addressed the press at the party’s Headquarters. Mr. Hichilema announced that his party will seek court redress on Monday.
Acting Chief Government Spokesperson Fackson Shamenda told Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation – ZNBC News that government had nothing to do with the problem of UPND and the Police.
And Lusaka province Commissioner, Dr Solomon Jere has revealed that the police had intercepted some busloads of people suspected to be UPND from Southern province coming for the rally in Lusaka.
Dr. Jere said the police became suspicious at this delegation that only compromised men without children.  The people were intercepted at Kafue bridge checkpoint.


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