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Appointing of Ministers to ‘non-existing’ Ministeries is a technicality says Dr. Scott

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Dr. Scott

Vice president Guy Scott says his boss Michael Sata’s appointment of Ministers to non existing ministries is a technicality.
President Sata on Wednesday appointed some ministers and created some ministries that are supposed to be approved by parliament as a law making body.
In an exclusive interview with Zambian Eye on Friday night, Dr. Scott said the move was technical and announced that government will table the matter for the creation of ministries before parliament this coming week.
When asked why the president had to appoint Ministers before the creation of the ministries were approved by parliament as provided in the constitution, Dr Scott asked the reporter, “are you a constitution lawyer?”
But when the reporter told him that he had read the provision in the constitution then Dr Scott answered, “don’t worry it’s a technicality and we will sort it our next week in parliament.”
The reporter then told the Vice president that what will happen if parliament does not approve the creation of the ministries. The Vice president said there would be a problem. He however, said he was optimistic that parliament will approve the creation of the ministries.
“There would be a problem but the MMD has been telling us that they want more ministries,” Dr Scott said. “But it doesn’t worry me they will not stop us from governing.”
President Sata after forming government in an effort to reduce on cabinet, he re-aligned some ministries during this exercise some ministries were combined. But last week he re-aligned some ministries again separate the combined ones to the way they were under the MMD administration.
According to article 44 section 2 the Constitution states as follows:
(2)  Without prejudice to the generality of clause (1), the President may preside over meetings of the Cabinet and shall have the power, subject to this Constitution to-
(e) establish and dissolve such Government Ministries and departments subject to the approval of the National Assembly.”


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