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Another twist: MDC-Alliance a legal persona- High Court

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The MDC Alliance has managed to secure an interdict stopping MDC-T from recalling MDC Alliance Members of Parliament from the National Assembly, after a High Court ruling.

High Court judge Mafusire passed a judgement to the effect that the MDC Alliance is a bona fide legal persona, crushing Justice Tawanda Chitapi’s ruling that did not recognise the party.

” I am satisfied that the applicants have proved a prima facie case and that they are entitled to relief,” reads the ruling.

He added: ” Their membership in Parliament has been abruptly terminated on the basis of a process of dubious legality.”

“ZEC registered the MDC Alliance as a political party. Indeed it is a political party for purposes of the Constitution of the Electoral Act.

“Parliament recognises it as a political party. The applicants have produced documents showing that they were nominated by the MDC Alliance political party as the proportional representatives for the woman’s quotas for the two Houses of Parliament,” Justice Mafusire ruled.

The judge also noted government’s acknowledgement in its Gazette of 28 February 2020 that the party is entitled to get funding under the Political Parties (Finance Act).

However, political analysts remain skeptical about the recent High Court Interim interdict arguing that political actors may influence the financial ruling.

Meanwhile, Harvest House Trustees, the owners of Harvest House, the Headquarters of the MDC Alliance are saying they entered into a 20 year lease agreement with the MDC Alliance.

The Trustees have filed a court application seeking to evict Khupe’s faction from the building that the faction invaded at night with the help of the police and the army.


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