Another flip-flop on ZESCO tariffs, PF is chipantepante – Nkombo

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Garry Nkombo

Garry Nkombo

Opposition UPND Chairman for Energy Garry Nkombo has charged that the PF government has continue to show inconsistemce in the way it is running the energy sector.


Nkombo who is also Mazambuka Member of Parliament has described the PF government as chipantepante.


Read the full statement here.


Energy Minister Dora Siliya has now revealed what we earlier argued, confirming that the flip-flopping, chipantepante PF Government is in the business of trying to hoodwink people into voting for them.


Siliya revealed in South Africa this Tuesday that her Government will effect increases in ZESCO electricity tariffs, soon after elections.


The reversal is just one of the many tricks by the PF Government to mislead the Zambian people.


But this increment they are planning after elections will not amount to reductions in powercuts anytime soon.


Any increase in tariffs must not be done so hastily as to cause pain to the public, especially the small businesses that are already struggling but are an important source of employment.


Under our management, we would prioritise increased economic activities, creating more job opportunities for our people, and reducing the cost of living through various productivity measures before hiking tariffs so that the change in price is expected and manageable.


Gradually increasing these tariffs over a period of say 5 years would be a better idea. Communicating such a plan well in advance would minimise the negative impact as businesses can adjust their budgets ahead of time and seek efficiencies elsewhere, while investors will be attracted by the clarity and transparent timeline set out.


Meanwhile, change would be instituted at ZESCO to ensure there is no political interference.  ZESCO has competent engineers who are technically competent to run ZESCO profitably, what they need is the professional space to do what they do.


We call on all Zambians to open their eyes and reject such PF tricks and deception. Too many are now suffering because of their failure to set out a clear solution to fix the problems we face.


Garry Nkombo

UPND Chairman – Energy


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