Amos not telling the truth – Munshya

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Canada-based lawyer Elias Munshya has questioned the reasons Amos Chanda gave for quitting his position as presidential press aide.

Munshya, a keen political commentator and blogger, believes Chanda lied when he claimed that his decision to resign is because of a draft constitution clause which that states that civil servants must resign two years before joining active politics.

He says Chanda, who was Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations to from 2015, is not being sincere, further pointing out that Chanda’s address to the nation is unprecedented in the history of Zambia. 

Munshya notes that never in Zambia’s history has a civil servant resigned with such fanfare.

“Mr. Chanda is probably lying when he says that his decision to resign has something to do with the “draft constitution” and its attitude towards civil servants intending to enter politics. Zambia does not have a draft constitution. This draft constitution could be one Mr. Chanda had in his own imagination. Which draft constitution is this,” Munshya wrote on his Facebook page today.

“Mr. Chanda’s excessive exposure of the role of press-aide to ridicule and contempt has tarnished the image of this position. I hope the next press aide will know their limits.”

Munshya further observes that President Edgar Lungu’s former mouthpiece was speaking as though he is a political principal.

Meanwhile Munshya has said he suspects Chanda of being one of the Politically Exposes Persons (PEP) in the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) Trends Report for 2018.

“The FIC Intelligence report has probably got something on this gentleman. He could be the politically exposed person mentioned in the report. That could explain why he has attacked the FIC so much,” he said.

“Questions we will would like to ask Mr. Chanda are many. For now, this resignation is bizarre. But President Lungu’s administration has some explanation.”

Chanda resigned from his position yesterday June 6 at a press conference held at State House.


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